CTEC302 Final Exam Study Guide Part 3

57 terms by gemzing

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Chapter 5-6


A ____ is a repeater with more than one output port.


Within Ethernet frame types, the ____ signals to the receiving node that data is incoming and indicates when the data flow is about to begin.


The Ethernet II frame type contains a 2-byte ____ field that differentiates it from other Ethernet frame types.


The most common 1-Gigabit Ethernet standard in use today is ____.


CompactFlash is an example of a peripheral device attached to the computer's ____ bus


A hardware component that can be changed without disrupting operations is known as ____.


Given their long-distance capabilities, 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-EW are best suited for use on ____.


T/F: It is best to perform connectivity tests on a computer connected to a live network.


All Ethernet networks, independent of their speed or frame type, use an access method called ____.


To install a NIC, you must first install the ____.

Twisted pair

The 10GBase-T standard is considered a breakthrough for transmitting 10 Gbps over ____ medium.

1 Gbps

1000Base-SX has a maximum throughput of ____.


1000Base-T is a standard for achieving throughputs ____ times faster than Fast Ethernet over copper cable.


A ____ can interpret physical addressing information.


T/F: The smallest LANs do not have a backbone.


Together, the FCS and the header make up the ____-byte "frame" for the data.

STP (Spanning Tree Protocol)

To eliminate the possibility of a broadcast storm, switches and bridges implement the ____.


Each time a computer starts up, the device drivers for all its connected peripherals are loaded into ____.


Buses differ according to their ____.


Advances in NIC technology are making this hardware smarter than ever.


At its most primitive, a ____ is a repeater with more than one output port.


T/F: In data networks, the task of directing information efficiently to the correct destination is handled by connectivity devices, primarily switches and routers.


T/F: Modern Ethernet networks are based on the star topology.


____ are combinations of networking hardware and software that connect two dissimilar kinds of networks.


T/F: A network's access method is its method of controlling how network nodes access the communications channel.


Collectively, MPLS labels are sometimes called a ____.


Switches that operate anywhere between Layer 4 and Layer 7 are also known as ____ switches.


Repeaters operate in the ____ layer of the OSI model.


A ____ is simply a linked series of devices.


T/F: A serial backbone is the simplest kind of backbone.


Follows the 5-4-3 rule of networking.


The most common 1-Gigabit Ethernet.


Also known as Gigabit Ethernet.


Refers to the PoE device that receives the power.


Also known as Fast Ethernet.


Refers to the PoE device that supplies the power.


IEEE standard for fiber-optic Ethernet networks transmitting data at 10 Gbps.


IEEE standard for fiber-optic Ethernet networks transmitting data at 1 Gbps.


IEEE standard for fiber-optic Ethernet networks transmitting data at 100 Mbps.


Has no means to interpret the data they retransmit.


Holds incoming data and accommodates bursts of traffic.


Devices that connect two network segments by analyzing incoming frames and making decisions about where to direct them based on each frame's MAC address.

store-and-forward mode

A switch running in this mode reads the entire data frame into its memory and checks it for accuracy before transmitting the information.

loopback adapter

Plugs into a port and crosses over the transmit line to the receive line so that outgoing signals can be redirected into the computer for testing.

cut-through mode

A switch running in this mode reads a frame's header and decides where to forward the data before it receives the entire packet.


Capable of transferring data at up to 1 Gbps per data path.


Connectivity device that subdivides a network into smaller logical pieces.


As part of CSMA/CD, a process known as ____________________ allows the NIC issue a special 32-bit sequence that indicates to the rest of the network nodes that its previous transmission was faulty and that those data frames are invalid.

Ethernet II

Because of its support for multiple Network layer protocols and because it uses fewer bytes as overhead, ____________________ is the frame type most commonly used on contemporary Ethernet networks.

device driver

A(n) ____________________ is software that enables an attached device to communicate with the computer's operating system.


A network ____________________ is the part of a network to which segments and significant shared devices connect.


A router that directs data between nodes on an autonomous LAN (or one owned and operated by a single organization) is known as a(n) ____________________ router.


A(n) ____________________ NIC is integrated into the motherboard.


A computer's ____________________ is the circuit, or signaling pathway, used by the motherboard to transmit data to the computer's components, including its memory, processor, hard disk, and NIC.


____________________ is a component of a network's logical topology that determines how connections are created between nodes.


In a(n) ____________________ topology, every node on the network is connected through a central device, such as a hub, router, or switch.


On a Linux workstation, a popular utility called ____________________ allows you to view and change NIC settings.

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