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What attitude did Abraham show at Mamre which was the occasion for the announcement of the birth of his son?hospitalityDuring Confirmation, the minister, ''Be seal with the (blank) of the Holy Spirit."gifts"Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, (blank)"for theirs is the Kingdom of HeavenWhat is it called to trace the step of Jesus to Golgotha in prayer?the stations of the crossJesus is most especially present to us in (blank)the Eucharist"Blessed are the clean of heart, (blank)for they will see GodWhat is it called to rely on the eternal performance or religious rites or prayer?superstitionA Christian funeral is a sacrament for the one who is deceased.falseThe Jews consider Abraham to be their father in faith.trueWith Jesus the Law of Moses is abolished in favor of the new law of the GospelfalseVenial sin deprives a person of sanctifying gracefalseWhat is merely external worship and condemned by the prophets?RitualismWho are " appointed to act on behalf of men and to offer gifts and sacrifices for sin"?priestsThe teachings of the Faith are sometimes calleddogmasWho s called our Mediatrix?the Virgin MaryFreedom make us (blank) our decisions and actions?responsible forWhen do Christians usually celebrate their first conversion?BaptismPenance should always includerepentanceWithout which virtue will we be more easily misguided?prudenceWhat must be threatened for the State to take away a persons's freedom?the common goodWhat Old Testament prophet was unhappy that God would forgive the sinners of Nieveh?JonahWho said "Weather or not our prayer is heard depends not on the number of words, but on the fervor of our soul"?St. John ChrysostemWhat does it means to say someone is "culpable" for the their actions?responsible...the Spirit...Elijah...Passover...sin...soul...will power...three time...the witness of Christian living...happy those who seek the love of God above all else...he did not the Transfiguration...oral the people of and receiving at the table...his plan of loving goodness...Christ...two or three...Elijah...for they will be help us believe in, peace an mercy...blessing...the Temple of Jerusalem...the Holy Spirit...false...true...Nicodemus...asking forgiveness from God...religion...false...false...the works of the Jesus' rest in you...doing God's will...eternal life...false...they received the Holy Spirit...blessing...ongoing conversion of the heart...St. John Damascene...false...having a good conscience...fortitudeWhat is "filial boldness" in prayer?confidence that prayer will be answeredWhat special rite during Baptism offers protection from the devil?prayers of exorcismA person in never responsible for the unknown consequences of his/her deeds.faslePracticing a morally virtuos life guarantees eternal life.falseIt is impossible to live a holy life outside the visible structure of the Church.falseWhat virtue helps us to live moderately?temperancePrayer means not only saying, "Lord,Lord," but also (blank)doing the will of the FatherLike many during the first century, Jesus believed that personal sin was the cause of illness an physical disability.falseNew religions can correct some of the old teachings of the Christian faith.falseWhat does "Kyrie Eleison" means?"Lord, have mercy"God's care for the people and events of the world is called (blank)providenceWhat virtue keeps us from discouragement and sustains us in time of need?hopeWho teaches the Church and recalls for her everything that Jesus said?The Holy SpiritWhat is inevitable?persecutionWho gave the first sermon on Pentecost about what God had done in Jesus?St. Peter