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Ecce 58 A Translation

Iam vero omnium vitiorum suorum plurima et maxima constituit monumenta et indicia in provincia Sicilia, quam iste per triennium ita vexavit ac perdidit ut ea restitui in antiquum statum nullo modo possit.
But now truly he established of the faults very many and great monumentals and proofs of all his own vices in the province Sicily, which that man through a three year period and ravaged in such a way that it may not be able to be returned to its former state in any way.
Hoc praetore Siculi neque suas leges neque nostra senatus consulta neque communia iura tenuerunt.
With this man as praetor, the Sicilians had neither their own laws nor our decisions of the senate nor common rights.
Tantum quisque habet in Sicilia quantum hominis avarissimi et libidinosissimi aut imprudentiam subterfugit aut satietati superfuit.
Each person in Sicily has only as much evaded either the rashness of this very greedy and self indulgent man or is left over from his rapacity.
Innumerabiles pecuniae ex aratorum bonis novo nefarioque instituto coactae;
Countless sums of money were collected from the goods of the farmers by a new and nefarious regulation;
socii fidissimi in hostium numero existimati;
very loyal allies were regarded in the number of enemies;
cives Romani servilem in modum cruciati et necati;
The Roman citizens were tortured and killed in a servile way
homines nocentissimi propter pecunias iudicio liberati, honestissimi atque integerrimi, absentes rei facti, indicta causa, damnati et eiecti;
Very wicked men were freed by means of a verdict on account of money, the most honorable and uncorrupted men were made defendants while absent, with the cause having been unknown, and were condemned and exiled.
portus munitissimi, maximae tutissimaeque urbes, piratis praedonibusque paterfactae;
Very fortified ports and the greatest and safest cities were opened to pirates and robbers.
nautae militesque Siculorum, socii nostri atque amici, fame necati;
Soldiers and sailors of the Sicilians, our allies and friends, were killed by famine.
classes optimae atque opportunissimae cum magna ignominia populi Romani amissae et perditae.
The best and most well equipped fleets of the Roman people were lost and destroyed with great shame.
Idem iste praetor monumenta antiquissima, partim regum locupletissimorum, quae illi ornamento urbibus esse voluerunt, partim etiam nostrorum imperatorum, quae victores civitatibus Siculis aut dederunt aut reddiderunt, spoilavit nudavitque omnia.
That very same praetor despoiled and laid bare all the very ancient monuments partly of very rich kings which they wanted to be adornments for the city partly even of our generals which as victors they either gave or returned to the Sicilian city states.
Neque hoc solum in statuis ornamentisque publicis fecit, sed etiam delubra omnia sanctissimis religionibus consecrata depeculatus est;
He did this not only concerning public statues but also he robbed all the temples consecrated to the most sacred religions;
deum denique nullum Siculis, qui ei paulo magis affabre atque antiquo artificio factus videretur, reliquit.
finally he left behind no god statue for the Sicilians which seemed to him to have been made a little bit more skillfully and with ancient craftsmanship.