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Revolutionary War Turning Points


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The Battle of Bunker Hill
Spring 1775
-2 Hills: Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill (near Boston)
-Americans lost, but we killed many Brits
-It helped us recruit more soldiers for Revolution
2nd Continental Congress
May-June 1776
"Olive Branch Petition" had not been accepted by King prior to meeting
-George Washington Selected as Commander of Continental Army
-DOI written & signed
-John Hancock signed first and largest signature
Continental Army formed
Summer 1776
-Washington has 14,500 men with no weapons or uniforms
-Great Britain was most powerful military in the world
-Washington allowed African Americans in army
-no navy
Battle of Trenton
December 1776 (Christmas Eve)
-By winter, Washington has under 3,000 soldiers. Needed to boost morale
-icy conditions on the Delaware River
-We fought Hessians who were heavily celebrating
-Sneak attack--we won
Battle of Saratoga
September-October 1777
-British strategy: come from two directions--North and South to cut off supplies (failed)
-Freeman's Farm
-We surrounded the British with 4x's the troops
-We won and France became our ally
Battle of Monmouth
June 1778
-Prussian drillmaster Baron von Steuben turned ragged troops into trained force.
-No winner, but we kept the Brits out
-Molly Pitcher (real name Mary Ludwig Hayes) fought in husband's place after he died.
Battle of Yorktown & Treaty of Paris
-Native American, George Rogers Clark, won the Ohio River Valley for America
-French navy helped Americans cut off General Cornwallis
-Brits surrendered
April 1783 Treaty of Paris passed