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Lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern

Comfort zone

Place in the mind where an individual feels safe and controlled

Concrete learners

Those who prefer to learn information that have a personal meaning or are relevant to the course of study

Abstract learners

Those who obtain information through analysis, observation, and reflection


Specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes cooperation among nations in order to control or eliminate diseases worldwide


Conducts research into the origin and occurence of diseases and methods to control and/or prevent the spread of diseases

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) was developed to track worldwide

Morbidity and Mortality


Determining whether a practitioner should be allowed to practice medicine in a facility based on his/her education, license, and past performance


Item or indicator used as a measure of quality or compliance with a statutory or accrediting body's policies and regulations


Artificial entity having a legal and business status that is independent of its shareholders or employees

Occupational therapists

Professionals who work with patients who have developed conditions that disable them developmentally, emotionally, mentally, or physically


When a person is taught to do a variety of duties


Continuing Education Units - Required to maintain a medical assistant's certification and assist in staying abreast of the changes in the health care field


Looking for the opportunity to be of help and assisting others as the workload demands


A medical assistant who arrives on time, is rarely absent, and completes duties in a timely manner


Disobedience to authority


Created in part to assure patient confidentiality


Willingness among staff members to assist each other in the performance of their duties

Nonverbal communication

Body movements, facial expressions, and hand gestures

Internal noise

The speaker's thoughts, prejudices and opinions

Code of Hammurabi

Earliest written code of ethical conduct


Thoughts, judgments, and actions on issues that have implications of moral right and wrong


Obligation that a person has or perceives himself/herself to have


'Mercy killing'


Claims made by a person or group on society, a group, or another individual


Basis of most of the law in the United States


Crime against the US

Preponderance of the evidence

In a civil trial, guilt must be established by


To be convicted of this, duty, dereliction, direct cause and damages


Damages that are designed to punish

Statue of limitations

Period of time after which a lawsuit cannot be filed

Patients' Bill of Rights

Legislation introduced to protect patient confidentiality and guarantee access to emergency care and specialists

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