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The thoracic duct originates from an expanded chamber called the
cysterna chyli
_________ are the connective tissues dominated by lymphocytes.
Lymphatic tissues
The body's diffuse collection of phagocytic cells is sometimes called the
monocyte-macrophage system
__________ are the phagocytic cells that are permanent residents of specific tissues and organs.
Fixed macrophages
__________ are fixed macrophages that are found in the central nervous system.
__________ are fixed macrophages found in the liver.
Kupffer cells
___________ are fixed macrophages located in the epithelia of the skin.
Langerhans cells
__________ are free phagocytes found in the lungs.
Alveolar macrophages
The ability of certain phagocytes to move through the wall of a capillary is called
The ability of certain cells to respond to changes in their chemical environment is called
_________ are antibodies that make it easier for phagocytes to engulf their target cells.
The complement factor __________ can sustain and enhance the alternative pathway of complement fixation.
Any compound that can stimulate the body to produce antibodies is called a (n)________.
The proportions of an antigen that are recognized by an antibody are the ________.
antigenic determinant sites
A __________ is an antigen that can trigger an immune response.
complete antigen
Type II alveolar cells secrete __________.
_________ law is called the law of partial pressure.
_________ law would apply to the amount of CO2 you could dissolve in a Pepsi.
Oxygen unloading in a RBC due to declining pH is called the
Bohr effect
The ________ regulates smoothing of transitions from inspiration to expiration.
Pontine respiratory group
The cartilaginous flap that closes the trachea during swallowing is called the
The archway in the back of the throat is called the
The trachea is lined with __________ epithelium.
Ciliated pseudostratified columnar
Terminal bronchioles are lined with ________ epithelium.
How is the alveolar gas exchanged affected by emphysema and pneumonia