GRE word list 5 (1-50)

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animosityhatred; antagonismcensoriousdisapproving; criticaldichotomya division into two partsextrapolateextend; predict on the basis on known dataincongruousnot fitting in; out of placemaladyillnesspalpableeasily felt; easily perceivedpretentiouspompous; self-importantscrutinizeexamine carefullyunfetterset freeannex (n.)a building which is an addition to an existing buildingannex (v.)take possession of; seize; capturecensureblamedidacticintended to teach; instructiveextrinsicirrelevant; on the outsideinconsequentialunimportant; insignificant; negligiblemaledictiona cursepanacearemedy for all illsprevaricatespeak misleadingly and evasivelyscuttlesinkunfrockto remove a priest from his positioncerebralintellectualdiffidentlacking confidencefallaciousfalseinconspicuousnot easily seen; subtle; not noticeablemalefactora wrong-doerparadigm1. example 2. model 3. way of looking at thingspristineunspoiledseminaryan institution in which priests are trainedunprecedentednever having happened beforeanomalysomething which does not fit in a pattern; irregularitycertitudecertaintydigresswander off the subjectfalterhesitate; waverindeliblecannot be wiped outmalingerdeliberately avoid work; shirkparadoxapparently contradictory statementproclivitytendency towardssensuousappealing to the sensesunscathedunharmed; intact; without a scratch