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13 terms

Electricity Test-Grade 5

These are the main words for the 5th Grade Science test over Electricity
Electrical Current
The continuous flow of electric charges through a material
Electrical Circuit
A complete, unbroken path through which electric charges will flow
A material through which charges can easily flow
Parallel Circuit
Provides several paths for the flow of electrons
A Physical Phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons
A material through which charges can not easily flow
Label 4 parts of a circuit
Draw on Paper
A combination of two or more electro-chemical cells in series
Examples of Conductors and Insulators
C-Braces, Aluminum, Pencil Sharpener I-Paper, Wood, Rubber
Series Circuit
Provides only one path for the flow of electrons
Open Circuit
Not a complete path for the flow of electrons
Examples of closed circuits in your house
Blow Dryer. Lamp and Electric Pencil Sharpener
Closed Circuit
A complete Path so electrons can flow.