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  1. False
  2. Bona Fide Seniority System
  3. True
  4. Hostile Enviroment
  5. Business Necessity
  1. a The law that protects workers over 40 is the Equal Pay Act of 1963.
  2. b Employer's defense where actions were meant to advance the business rather than to create unjustified discrimination
  3. c In general employment law makes it illegal to consider a group characteristic when hiring individuals.
  4. d Interference with an employee's ability to work due to unwelcome comments, gestures, or touching of sexual nature at work
  5. e System that rewards employees for length of employment rather than merit

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  1. Those qualified for the job
  2. Employers may disriminate against protected classes if it is justified by business necessity.
  3. Groups that employment law protects
  4. Which of the following would NOT fit into a protected class? Pregnant Female, 60 year old white male, buddhist monk
  5. Label for a workplace policy that does not seem on the surface to discriminate against any protected class

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  1. Affrimative Action PlanThose qualified for the job


  2. EEOCAre employers allowed to ask questions on an interview that require disclosure of race, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or pregnancy


  3. Unequal TreatmentWhich type of illegal discrimination is most often concerned with one person?


  4. Quid Pro Quo & Hostile EnviromentSexual Harrassment takes two forms, they are:


  5. Quid Pro QuoExchange of sexual favors for better work status