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  1. No
  2. Quid Pro Quo & Hostile Enviroment
  3. Workforce Pool
  4. Hostile Enviroment
  5. Quid Pro Quo
  1. a Sexual Harrassment takes two forms, they are:
  2. b Interference with an employee's ability to work due to unwelcome comments, gestures, or touching of sexual nature at work
  3. c Exchange of sexual favors for better work status
  4. d All the people who work for an employer that has been charged with employment discrimination
  5. e Are employers allowed to ask questions on an interview that require disclosure of race, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or pregnancy

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  1. Employer's defense where actions were meant to advance the business rather than to create unjustified discrimination
  2. Which of the following would NOT fit into a protected class? Pregnant Female, 60 year old white male, buddhist monk
  3. A job requirement may be illegal although it appears on its face to be neutral towards a protected class.
  4. Protected classes refers to members of groups that are illegal to discriminate against.
  5. Which law prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, sex, or national origin?

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  1. Sexual HarrassmentWhich type of illegal discrimination is most often concerned with one person?


  2. FalseIn general employment law makes it illegal to consider a group characteristic when hiring individuals.


  3. EEOCHas the authority to investigate and settle complaints of a job discrimination and to prosecute suspected offenders


  4. Unequal TreatmentEmployer treats members of a protected cless less favorably than other employees


  5. DisabilityThe law that protects workers over 40 is the Equal Pay Act of 1963.