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Miss Malcolm

school teacher

Mr. Ben Franklin Tanner

the neighbor who gives Pinky to Rob and has Apron, the cow & Bob & Bib, her twin bull calves; he is a Baptist

Aunt Carrie

the oldest sister of Mama


Lucy, who has a soft voice


She was a small white ball of piglet; she had a pink nose and pink ears and a wisp or two of pink in the fork of her toes. Mr. Tanner gives Rob the pig to show his appreciation for helping out Apron when she is trying to give birth to the twin bulls; pigs have 44 teeth. sow pigs will eat their brood if they aren't fed the right things; Pinky is killed for food on a dark December day by Papa (Haven) and Rob

Mrs. Hillman

a neighbor who lives up the road, who had gone to the Peck's house; she was upset that her husband had left in the driving rainstorm to go to the graveyard. she thought Mr. Hillman was going to dig up Letty's and the baby's coffin


the Peck's ox


the milk-cow

Robert Rogers

a famous Shaker who escaped from Indians; he wore buckskin and fathered many children with Indian women; his grandfather commented that the children looked like Robert Rogers

Isadore Crookshank

drove the wagon on the last day of school to the Peck home with "Aunt Matty" in the wagon

Becky Tate

the girl that Robert Peck likes, but he didn't want to be seen by her at the church meeting

Jacob Henry

a friend of Robert's from school who calls Robert "Bob"; he takes cornet lessons from a tutor

Miss Sarah

the barn cat which had 3 pretty kittens

Aunt Matty

is Martha Plover; she is a Baptist who makes a big deal about Rob getting a "D" in english; She said that he needed a tutor in grammar and she would be the tutor. She said that if Rob were a "fearing Baptist" then he wouldn't be getting a "D". She said, "A good teacher doesn't lose her temper, no matter how stupid her pupils are." She ended the tutoring session by saying to Mama, "Next time I'll teach the pig." She means that she thinks that Rob is stupid.


a deadly disease that makes the animals go mad and is indicated by bumps on the belly of a rabbit that has it.

Letty Phelps

was a relative of Haven Peck, who had a baby out of wedlock with Mr. Sebring Hillman; she and the baby were buried int he town gravelyard. She had drowned the baby and hung herself. She had worked for the Hillman's when Mrs. Hillman had been "poorly."

Mr. Sebring Hillman

he is married to Mrs. Hillman; he fathered a child out-of-wedlock with Letty Phelps;he dug up the child and took the coffin back to the Peck's house with Mr. Peck and Rob in the driving rainstorm


(Robert Peck) - a shaker boy of 12; he was made fun of (sport) for how he dressed; Rob cut school, heard Apron, the cow, in distress and saved Apron's life by pulling out the cow's goiter. He tied his pants onto the calf, so it could be born; the cow chewed on his arm and he got prickers on his hind side; Mr. Tanner gave Rob a pig, which he named Pinky

Bob and Bib

the twin black baby bulls; Bob was named after Robert Peck

Haven Peck

Rob's Dad; he was a Shaker. He kills pigs for a living; he is almost 60 old; he believes in no frils or extras; he can't read or write.

Clay Sanders

the man who Haven Peck works for; he has pigs that Haven kills; this is Haven's "mission" in life.

Edward Thatcher

the bully that Rob plans to beat up one day

Widow Iris Bascomb

the lady who Aunt Matty thinks is having an affair with Ira Long; she hit Rob in the shin with a broom when he ran through her strawberry patch; she gave him buttermil and gingersnaps after he helped her move flowerpots; she recommended to Mrs. Tanner that Rob go with them to Rutland Fair


animal put in the barrel with Hussy (the grey-shite terrier)


the grey-white terrier which belonged to Ira Long; she was a pet he wanted trained to kill weasels. Hussy was torn up in the fight with the weasel and her ear was about tore off. Papa put the bullet in her.

Ira Long

the hired hand who helped out Widow Iris Bascomb and Aunt Matty suggests that is having an affair with Widow Iris Bascomb

Vernal Bascomb

deceased husband of Iris Bascomb; he was buried in the graveyard in town;

Quaker Lady

one of the pair of dappled grey horses, which were owned by Mr. Benjamin Franklin Tanner

Quaker Gent

the mare, dappled grey horse that was owned by Mr. Bejamin Franklin Tanner

Hume Plover

husband of Aunt Matty (Martha Plover)

Mr. Wilcox

Shaker man who takes care of the dead

Clay Sander

the man that Haven Peck slaughtered pigs for


the tomcat that belongs to Mr. Ben Franklin Tanner


Mrs. Tanner

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