World History: The Modern Era (Ellis and Esler) The Renaissance and Reformation

When a Protestant group broke away from the Catholic Church, it became a religious...
Niccolo Machiavelli
In his book, The Prince...wrote a guide to rulers on how to gain and keep power.
The government run by church leaders in Geneva in 1541 was a...
Nicolaus Copernicus
The sun is at the center of the universe, according to a theory of...
Leonardo da Vinci
Before airplanes were invented,...made sketches of flying machines.
Isaac Newton
The scientist...showed that gravity keeps planets in their orbits around the sun.
Johann Gutenberg
A printing revolution began when...invented a printing press using movable type.
Those who believe in...think that God has alrady decided who will be saved.
With the support of the Medici family, the city-state of...produced many Renaissance artists and scholars.
The northern Renaissance began in the thriving rrade region of...
Well-known people of the day.
One way that Renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of humanism was by painting...
John Calvin
The city of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under its leader...
Each German prince could decide the religion for his lands.
As a result of the Peace of Augsburg in 1555...
Direct the reform of the Catholic Church
The pope set up the council of Trent to...
Religious Upheaval
What common subject of the northern Renaissance did Albrecht Durer's engravings portray?
Rene Descartes believed that the best way to learn truth was to use...
In the 1600s, Robert Boyle's work transformed the field of...