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The part of the program that contains the statements enclosed in the { and } symbols


Object-oriented programming language


Information placed on a program to explain or clarify the contents of a program for a human reader. Enclosed with /* or //


A program that converts source code, usually written in a language like C++ into object code, a machine language version


A special escape sequence, /n that when placed inside a string causes the compiler to end the line of ouput

Escape Character

A special character, such as backslash that is used to escape normal interpretation of characters on a string

Escape Sequence

The combination of escape characters, such as /n

Executable file

The compiled and linked version of a program ready to run on the computer

Free form

A programming lnaguage, like C++, where spaces and blank lines generally have no effect on the program's operation


A set of statements that accomplish a task

Function header

Appears as the first line of a function, and includes the return type and function


A collection of program code that can be included in a program to perform a variety of tasks


To combine several pieces of compiled code into a single compiled program

Machine Language

The low-level, native language of a computer, consisting of only 1's and 0's


A seperate piece of program

Object Code

The machine language code produced by compilation


A programming language, like C++, in which programs are constructed in seperate pieces


A sequence of instructions that tells the computer how to accomplish a particular task

Source Code

The program code written in a language like C++


A line of code in the program body that tell shte computer what to do


An input/output device such as "cout"


Characters or symbols enclosed in quotation marks

Syntax error

An error caused by a statement in the program that violates the rules of C++

Warning Message

A message given by the compiler because a statement in the program is legal, but suspicious

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