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10th Grade World History - 1st semester exam study guide

Final Exam.
what is the term for the man-made items that the sources used to study history?
.which of the following is not a primary source?
artifacts, tradition, written records
What is the most type of primary source?
written records
What is the division of labor that is part of the culture of every city?
Whose human effort did God use to save mankind from the universal flood
Who committed the first murder?
Through which son of Adam and Eve did the line of Christ come
Who were the first people to live in cities.
What is the Christian's best reason for valuing the study of history?
Declare the Glory of God
What is the goal of the human history.?
Redemption through Christ.
What are the two seeds that would have conflict after the fall of man.
Seed of the woman
seed of the serpent
Every aspect of every human (body,mind,will, and emotions) has been stained by the fall.
Human Depravity
There is no event that is out of God's control or that does not help to accomplish his purpose for this world
Divine providence
The division of labor that is part of the culture of every city.
God is in complete and permanent authority over this world. Whatever opposition he has faced in history, he has chosen to face so that he may use it for his own purposes.
divine sovereignty
The perspective from which one examines and interprets the universe.
World view
The Hyksos rule of Egypt is important because of their introduction of the art of war to the Egyptians.
The laws of Hammurabi were based on the theme of retaliation.
What civilization is associated with hieroglyphics?
What discovery enabled scholars to decipher hieroglyphics?
The Rosetta stone
Sumerian writing, which used a wedge-shaped stylus to make impressions on wet clay was called what?
what were the three promises of the Abrahamic covenant?
God would make Abraham the father of many people. These people would live in the promised land. All people would be blessed through him.
What term describes the interpretation of human events and destinies by the positions of the planets and stars
What term means " the belief in one God"
What is the term for Government by God
The study of celestial bodies is called what?
The worship of many Gods is known as what?
What Greek word means " land between the rivers"
The king at the height of the Chaldean empire was?
The twelve tribes of Israel divided over what issue?
Tax increase
The messianic line is through?
Israel's history can be traced back to?
The language spoken by Jesus and his disciples was probably
Howard carter is best known for his discovery of?
The tomb of Tutankhamen
The pharaoh of the exodus was probably?
Thutmose III
What geographic factor helped preserve the monuments, the documents, and the bodies of ancient Egyptian rulers?
the Nile
The epic of Gilgamesh give an account of what biblical events?
The Flood
" Man after God's own heart"
Put in leadership position in Egypt
Isaac's son-father of the twelve tribes of Israel?
Israel reached its peak under his realtionship
led the conquest of canaan
he built the temple
most important tribe
Led the Israelites from bondage to the promised land?
Who is known as the " Father of medicine:?
What term refers to a rule by the people?
What term refers to a rule by a few?
What term refers to a rule by one?
Which building in Athens is dedicated to the goddess Athena?
What term refers to a rule by force?
What is the name of the period in which Greek culture was spread throughout the ancient world?
Hellenistic Age
The Peloponnesian war developed over
a rivalry between Athens and Sparta
The government of Athens under Pericles was?
The defensive alliance formed by Athens to Protect Greece from further Persian attack and unified the Greek city- states was called the
Delian league
Sparta formed which league to thwart the advance of Athenian democracy?
Peloponnesian league
Sparta's government would be classified as?
The spartan way of life centered on
Military training
spartan slaves were called?
Tha basic political unit of greece was the
The Olympic game were originally held honor of
fortified hill constructed in Greek cities for protection?
Who spread Greek culture throughout the near East?
Alexander the great
Who was the author of the lliad and the Odyssey?
Which city -states represented the two opposing political systems and ways of life in ancient Greece?
Athens + Sparta
Rome was established on what river?
The mountains which run down the middle of the Italian peninsula are the
in the roman Senate each senator served for
The law of twelve tables was important primary because it
was the first written roman law and the foundation of roman civil law
much of the first Punic was was fought over control of the island
The romans defeated the Carthaginians at sea during the first Punic war by
boarding their ships on planks
The phrase " Crossing the Rubicon" means
making a fateful decision from which there is no turning back
After the death of Julius Caesar, Rome was ruled by
Anthony and Octavian.
Which ancient Roman province is today almost entirely included in modern France?
What is the term for the "common people" such as farmers, traders, and craftsmen?
What are the three branches of government that existed in the roman republic
Consul, senate, tribal assembly.
What was the most powerful body of the Republic?
By using what term, meaning "I forbid", could tribunes stop unjust acts of patrician officials?
Men who collected taxes in the provinces were called what?
give the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar?
march 15 ( 44 BC)
Augustus's greatest failure in his attempt to restore order and stability in Rome was his attempt to
Reform Morals
The Romans are properly regarded as having made valuable contributions to law because they
Sought basic principles as a foundation for their legal system.
When a Roman poet Wrote That " conquered Greece took captive her rude conqueror," He meant that
Roman culture was based on Greek culture.
Which of the following statement best represents stoicism?
Is it better to be good than happy
The Septuagint in the translation of the old Testament into?
Jesus was born in the Roman Province of
Persecution of the Christians began because
Christians refused to worship the emperor.
The first official Roman persecution began under the emperor?
Which meeting affirmed Christ's deity and the doctrine of the trinity?
Council of Necae
Which two emperors introduced reforms which delayed the fall of Rome for two centuries?
Diocletian and Constatine
What name was later given to the Eastern Roman empire?
Byzantine empire
What was one of the most significant actions taken by Constantine?
Moving the capital of the Roman empire to Byzantium.
What held the "Roman peace" intact after the death of Augustus?
The might of the Roman army.
Christ was brought before what Roman governor?
Pontius Pilate
Who was the first Christian martyr?
Who wrote a greater number of books than any other biblical writer?
Who was the tutor of Nero
Who was the Jewish historian who wrote about the conflict between the Jews and the Romans
Which rule made Christianity the official religion of the Romans state?
Theodosius I
Under the leadership of which Roman emperor was the last and perhaps most widespread Roman persecution of Christians?.
Who was the fierce leader of the Huns known as The "scourge of God"
Where in the bible do we find the events of Jesus' early life and ministry?
Gospel-matthew,mark, Luke, John
What constitutes the turning point in history?
The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
What is significant about the year 476?
it is considered the date that the roman empire collapsed.
The Eastern Roman Empire became known as?
Byzantine Empire.
Which city was the meeting place of East and west and the vital link in both land and sea trade routes?
Justinian's goal during his reign was to
restore the greatness of the roman empire.
One of the most enduring achievements of the Byzantine empire was the preservation of which law code?
The Byzantine church became known as the
Eastern Orthodox Church
The Byzantine secret weapon which would burn on water was called?
"Greek Fire"
The largest group to settle in Russia was the
Which Mongolian warriors swept into Russian during the Thirteenth century?
The Arabs trace their beginnings to
Muhammad supposedly received his ideas for Islam through
A Series of visions
The primary authority on Muslim belief and practice is?
The Koran.
The major problem after Muhammad's death was that?
he had not appointed a successor
The Muslim advance in Europe was stopped by the battle of
What is the term for "Submission" to Allah
What is the term for a "Submitter" to Allah
What is the birthplace of Muhammad
What is Muhammad's flight to Medina called
What is the term for " Holy war"
The Muslim crier was calls the faithful to pray five time daily is called what?
What is the name of the sacred shrine in mecca that houses hundreds of pagan idols
Muslims pray toward and take pilgrimages to what city?
what is the Muslim name for God
What is the Muslim Holy book?
The crusades were the west's effort to free Christendom from the Muslim Turks
PREGUNTAS, Describes the factors that caused the eastern and western churches to split.
The leaders of the byzantine church refused to acknowledge the bishop of Rome's claim that his authority was supreme over all churches. The East and west also differed over such things as when to celebrate Easter, whether parish should marry and whether the church should use icons.
What is the main teaching of Hinduism?
Wheel of life, Brahman
Sankrit is the language of
The belief that a man's soul passes through many states (or rebirth) before it escapes the physical world is known as
The wheel of life
Both Hindus and Buddhist believe that man can achieve eternal peace if
his good works outweigh his bad.
What was the earliest known Chinese dynasty?
Chinese writing consists of some sixty-five thousand?
The Goal of a learned Chinese man was a career in
Government service
Which Chinese teacher taught the importance of maintaining harmony and order in society by developing proper relationships?
Japanese warriors were called
The ceremonial practice of committing was called
Hara- kari
Genghis khan's success lay in his
Which Indian empire was actually ruled by mongols?
The kingdom of kush fell to the kingdom of
Polygamy is the best defined as
marriage of a man to more than one woman.
as Europeans began trading by ship with African kingdom, which trade opened?
slave trade
What religion follows the four noble truth
What religion believes that Brahman, the world soul, permeates the universe?
What religion means " the way of the Gods"
What is the dominant religion in India.
What name did ancient china take and why?
Middle kingdom. they thought that china was the center of the earth.
the rigid social divisions on India were called what?
which civilization invented movable type?
What Japanese word means " Great General"
Pregunta..List and describe the key features of the joint family and caste system of Indian society.
who was the mayor of the palace who was crowned king
pepin the short
what was the symbolic act of holding over land in feudalism?
what was the subdivision of land by a vassal?
who was the recipient of a feudal estate?
the medieval system of granting land in return for services was
what were landholding nobles called?
what was a land grant in feudalism?
who won a victory at the battle of tours?
Charles Martel.
The majority of those living on a manor were?
the demesne was the
lord's land
the self-contained farming community controlled by a lord and farmed by his peasants was called a?
The strict code of behavior for a knight was called?
which is the correct order for becoming a knight?
The center of life for the nobility was the
Charlemagne's educational reforms included all of the following except?
teaching the scribes math.
the Frankish kingdom reached its peak under?
Whats Charlemagne means?
"Charles the great".
the true power behind the "Do-nothing kings" was the
mayor of the palace
the first " king of the franks" was
the most powerful of the Germanic peoples were the
what made the roman catholic religion become a matter of works rather than faith?
sacramental system.
what institution was the heart of medieval society?
what was the Latin translation of the bible?
what is the catholic term for a religious act that automatically grants grace by its performance?
who was crowned emperor of the Romans in 800?
what was the primary center for studying, copying, and preserving ancient manuscripts?
Henry II's uniform laws for all of England were called what?
common law
what English legislative body was established be Edward I?
What is known as the practice of kings and nobles appointing church officials?
lay investiture
what is the collection of Williams survey of England's taxable resources called?
doomesday book
what term refers to the holding of beliefs contrary to the teaching of the church?