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  1. Vatican City
  2. Donatello, Michelangelo
  3. Nine
  4. Protestant
  5. John Calvin
  1. a How many ceilings of St. Peter's Basilica were painted?
  2. b Smallest country in the world.
  3. c Whom founded the Presbyterian Faith?
  4. d One who protest the ways of The Church.
  5. e Whom sculpted "David"?

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  1. How many Catholic presidents have we had in the United States?
  2. Selling of sins-often times in advance.
  3. How small is this country?
  4. What religion believed man was created by Satan?
  5. What is a "madonna"?

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  1. travailHow did we get the word, "travel"?


  2. schismSplitting of The Church


  3. Vatican CityMeans, "to take back"


  4. Religious ToleranceSelling of sins-often times in advance.


  5. couldn't afford itHow did this tell common people The Church was not for everybody?