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  1. theses
  2. Religious Tolerance
  3. Rites
  4. focus on here and now
  5. Albigensians
  1. a R. T.
  2. b What is "humanism"?
  3. c What did he lose for refusing to take back his posting?
  4. d Means, "problem".
  5. e What religion believed man was created by Satan?

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  1. How many Catholic presidents have we had in the United States?
  2. Whom gave the pope the "papal states" as a sign of gratitude?
  3. Where does the pope live today?
  4. How many problems did Martin Luther post?
  5. How does one know when a new pope has been elected?

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  1. recantMeans, "to take back"


  2. Martin LutherWhom was the leader of this movement and posted the problems on The Church door?


  3. indulgenceSelling of sins-often times in advance.


  4. Painting of Mary/detailed flowerWhat is a "madonna"?


  5. John CalvinWhom founded the Presbyterian Faith?