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  1. focus on here and now
  2. one
  3. Martin Luther
  4. Lutheran-no selling of sins
  5. indulgence
  1. a Whom was the leader of this movement and posted the problems on The Church door?
  2. b How many Catholic presidents have we had in the United States?
  3. c What did Martin Luther build his new religion upon?
  4. d What is "humanism"?
  5. e Selling of sins-often times in advance.

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  1. By doing this, shom did it make mad for undermining their authority?
  2. How small is this country?
  3. R. T.
  4. List the (2) types of Christendom.
  5. Where does the pope live today?

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  1. Donatello, MichelangeloHow many Europeans were killed due to the Bubonic Plague?


  2. travailMeans, "to take back"


  3. White smokeWhat did he lose for refusing to take back his posting?


  4. John CalvinWhom founded the Presbyterian Faith?


  5. ProtestantMeans, "to take back"


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