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  1. bulimia nervosa
  2. phobia
  3. Andrea experiences extreme anxiety when she approaches any lake. Her therapist suggests that her fear is the result of a traumatic childhood boating accident. The therapist's suggestion reflects a ___________ perspective.
  4. Boris is a prolific painter. However, he is also prone to periods of hopelessness and depression, which are followed by periods of mania. It is very likely that Boris is suffering from a(n):
  5. delusions
  1. a an eating disorder in which a person alternates binge eating (usually of high-calorie foods) with purging (by vomiting or laxative use), fasting, or excessive exercise.
  2. b 1.
  3. c false beliefs, often of persecution or grandeur, that may accompany psychotic disorders.
  4. d learning
  5. e an anxiety disorder marked by a persistent, irrational fear and avoidance of a specific object, activity, or situation.

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  1. serotonin
  2. rare dissociative disorder in which a person exhibits two or more distinct and alternating personalities. Formerly called multiple personality disorder.
  3. biopsychosocial model.
  4. panic attacks.
  5. flat affect.

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  1. In _____________, a person exhibits persistently harmful thoughts, feelings, and actions.a psychological disorder


  2. In ______________, the affected person is aggressive and ruthless, and shows no sign of the conscience that would inhibit wrongdoing.antisocial personality disorder


  3. post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD):positive psychological changes as a result of struggling with extremely challenging circumstances and life crises.


  4. psychosisa psychological disorder in which a person loses contact with reality, experiencing irrational ideas and distorted perceptions.


  5. Angel has been arrested for grand theft auto. He claims that it wasn't him and that he knows nothing about the crime as his alter ego must have done it. The court-appointed psychiatrist knows immediately that Angel does not suffer from __________________________ as the host is never co-conscious with the alter egos."word salad."


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