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  1. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  2. anxiety disorders
  3. binge-eating disorder
  4. A _____________ is a false belief that often accompanies psychotic disorders.
  5. This subtype of schizophrenia is characterized by disorganized speech or behavior, or flat or inappropriate emotion.
  1. a psychological disorders characterized by distressing, persistent anxiety or maladaptive behaviors that reduce anxiety.
  2. b significant binge-eating episodes, followed by distress, disgust, or guilt, but without the compensatory purging, fasting, or excessive exercise that marks bulimia nervosa.
  3. c paranoid
  4. d delusion
  5. e a psychological disorder marked by the appearance by age 7 of one or more of 3 key symptoms: extreme inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

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  1. disorders in which conscious awareness becomes separated (dissociated) from previous memories, thoughts, and feelings.
  2. catatonia
  3. a personality disorder in which a person (usually a man) exhibits a lack of conscience for wrongdoing, even toward friends and family members. May be aggressive and ruthless or a clever con artist.
  4. II
  5. dissociative disorder.

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  1. Depression affects women and men in a ratio of:...


  2. anorexia nervosaan eating disorder in which a person alternates binge eating (usually of high-calorie foods) with purging (by vomiting or laxative use), fasting, or excessive exercise.


  3. Dr. Cobbs believes that psychological disorders are influenced by genetic predispositions and physiological states. He is also aware that inner psychological dynamics, social dynamics, and culture influence psychological disorders. Dr. Cobbs believes in a:biopsychosocial model.


  4. personality disordersdisorders in which conscious awareness becomes separated (dissociated) from previous memories, thoughts, and feelings.


  5. bipolar disorderpsychological disorders characterized by emotional extremes. See major depressive disorder, mania, and bipolar disorder