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CMA (Certified Management Accountant) - Part II SU2

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Money Market Securities
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Specialized firms that help create and exchange the instruments of financial markets. Increase the efficiency of financial markets through better allocation of financial resources.

1. Commercial Banks
2. Life insurance companies
3. private pension funds
4. Nonbank thrift institutions, such as savings banks and credit unions
5. State and local pension funds
6. Mutual Funds
7. Finance Companies
8. Casualty insurance companies
9. Money market funds
10. Mutual savings banks
11. Credit unions
12. Investment bankers
Current stock prices immediately and fully reflect all relevant information. Hence, the market is continuously adjusting to new information and acting to correct pricing errors.

1. Strong Form: all public and private information
2. Semistrong Form: All publicly available data
3. Weak Form: Prices reflect all recent past price movement