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GCSE St Jude storm


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St Jude
Patron of lost causes, the name of a storm that hit the UK
Extreme weather
This is when a weather event is significantly different from the average or usual weather pattern, and is especially severe or unseasonal. This may take place over one day or a period of time.
Immediate responses
The reaction of people as the disaster happens and in the immediate aftermath.
Long term responses
Later reactions that occur in the weeks, months and years after the event
27th and 28th of October 2013
The date of the storm
the number of deaths teh storm caused across Europe
the maximum wind speed in the storm
Jet stream
made the storm worse, lowering teh pressure and increasing the wind speeds
Met Office warnings
Saved many lives
The Needles Battery, Isle of Wight
Had the strongest UK wind speeds at 159km per hour
850,000 homes
lost power during the storm
£300 to £500million
estimates of insurance losses because of the storm