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Lesson 8 Key Words


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As an adjective: First in time or importance

As a noun: A prime minister or head of state.
primate n.
1. In Christianity, a church leader (usually an archbishop or bishop) who ranks highest among others.

2. A member of the order of animals that includes monkeys, apes and humans.
As a noun: First in rank, excellence, quality, importance or time.

As an adjective: Chief; most important

As a verb: To prepare something or someone for use or action.
primeval adj.
Belonging to the first ages; ancient; very, very old

As an adverb: primevally
primordial adj.
Primeval; original; fundamental

As an adverb: primordially
posterior adj.
Behind or at the back

As an adverb: posteriorly

Antonym: anterior
posterity n.
1. Future generations.

2. A person's descendants.
posthumous adj.
Occurring or continuing after death, especially a work published after the author's death or a child born after the father's death.

As an adverb: posthumously