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  1. Ice Age given its name because
  2. Studied how points, line, angles and planes relate to one another
  3. king of Chaldean Empire
  4. Headed Indian government and was considered a reincarnate of Buddha
  5. Built one of greatest cities of ancient world and name it for himself
  1. a Europe and North America were covered in Ice
  2. b Nebuchadnezzar
  3. c Euclid
  4. d Alexander the Great
  5. e Dali Lama

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  1. Provided Egyptians ability to farm
    help survey the land
    left behind fertile mud
  2. Philosophers
  3. Confucianism
  4. monotheism
  5. Tyrant

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  1. United Persians into a powerful kingdomAlexander the Great


  2. who was sentenced to death for his teachingsSocrates


  3. promoted a peaceful societyDaoism


  4. a model of devotion to familyRuth


  5. Israelites feared Philistines becauseEurope and North America were covered in Ice