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  1. king of Chaldean Empire
  2. who was sentenced to death for his teachings
  3. Built one of greatest cities of ancient world and name it for himself
  4. ruler with total authority
  5. Became Persian King after father Darius
  1. a Nebuchadnezzar
  2. b Tyrant
  3. c Alexander the Great
  4. d Xerxes
  5. e Socrates

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  1. Peisistratus
  2. They had strong cities, weapons, and tools
  3. Philosophers
  4. Saul
  5. Alexander the Great

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  1. King who created Babylonian empires and wrote code of lawNebuchadnezzar


  2. government used by Spartansproverbs


  3. wise sayingsproverbs


  4. Headed Indian government and was considered a reincarnate of BuddhaOligarchy


  5. Taught that men should be in government if they were good at itConfucianism


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