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  1. ruler with total authority
  2. captured Jerusalem and sent Jews into Babylonian captivity
  3. scientist who study the physical characteristics and cultures of humans
  4. promoted a peaceful society
  5. a model of devotion to family
  1. a Tyrant
  2. b Ruth
  3. c Anthropologists
  4. d Daoism
  5. e Nebuchadnezzar

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  1. Pharoah
  2. Direct Democracy
  3. Confucianism
  4. Saul
  5. Nebuchadnezzar

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  1. thinkers who ponder lifes questionsProvided Egyptians ability to farm
    help survey the land
    left behind fertile mud


  2. Defeated Persians to become new rulerAlexander the Great


  3. fierce warriors who introduced new ideas and technology into IndiaSocrates


  4. Gave land to the farmers, provided jobs, and money to the PoorPharoah


  5. Became Persian King after father DariusAlexander the Great