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  1. United Persians into a powerful kingdom
  2. Gave land to the farmers, provided jobs, and money to the Poor
  3. who was sentenced to death for his teachings
  4. ruler with total authority
  5. Why did 3 Chinese Philosophies emerge
  1. a Tyrant
  2. b Chinese wanted order to be restored
  3. c Socrates
  4. d Peisistratus
  5. e Cyrus the Great

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  1. David
  2. Anthropologists
  3. Oligarchy
  4. Solomon
  5. Hammurabi

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  1. fierce warriors who introduced new ideas and technology into IndiaSocrates


  2. Became Persian King after father DariusAlexander the Great


  3. Created to protect Greeks from PersiansHerodtus


  4. Wrote history of Persian warsHerodtus


  5. Chosen to be King by IsraelitesOligarchy