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  1. Studied how points, line, angles and planes relate to one another
  2. government used by Spartans
  3. Built Temple in Jerusalem
  4. Israelites feared Philistines because
  5. captured Jerusalem and sent Jews into Babylonian captivity
  1. a Solomon
  2. b Oligarchy
  3. c They had strong cities, weapons, and tools
  4. d Euclid
  5. e Nebuchadnezzar

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  1. Hanfeizi
  2. Europe and North America were covered in Ice
  3. Chinese wanted order to be restored
  4. Ruth
  5. proverbs

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  1. Drove Philistines out of IsraelHerodtus


  2. defenders of the kingdomSatraps


  3. all powerful king of ancient Egyptmonotheism


  4. thinkers who ponder lifes questionsPhilosophers


  5. Headed Indian government and was considered a reincarnate of BuddhaOligarchy