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  1. Israelites feared Philistines because
  2. Built one of greatest cities of ancient world and name it for himself
  3. thinkers who ponder lifes questions
  4. The Floods of the Nile
  5. Dramatist who painted scenery and used three actors to tell story
  1. a Alexander the Great
  2. b Sophicles
  3. c Provided Egyptians ability to farm
    help survey the land
    left behind fertile mud
  4. d Philosophers
  5. e They had strong cities, weapons, and tools

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  1. Hanfeizi
  2. Peisistratus
  3. Chinese wanted order to be restored
  4. Oligarchy
  5. Anthropologists

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  1. fierce warriors who introduced new ideas and technology into IndiaSocrates


  2. promoted a peaceful societyDaoism


  3. wise sayingsSanskrit


  4. Created to protect Greeks from PersiansHerodtus


  5. who was sentenced to death for his teachingsSaul