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  1. Gave land to the farmers, provided jobs, and money to the Poor
  2. captured Jerusalem and sent Jews into Babylonian captivity
  3. Built Temple in Jerusalem
  4. Defeated Persians to become new ruler
  5. Chosen to be King by Israelites
  1. a Nebuchadnezzar
  2. b Saul
  3. c Peisistratus
  4. d Solomon
  5. e Alexander the Great

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  1. Hanfeizi
  2. Philosophers
  3. Euclid
  4. Sophicles
  5. Delian League

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  1. Ice Age given its name becauseEurope and North America were covered in Ice


  2. king of Chaldean EmpireNebuchadnezzar


  3. all powerful king of ancient Egyptmonotheism


  4. fierce warriors who introduced new ideas and technology into IndiaSocrates


  5. ruler with total authoritymonotheism