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GCSE Opportunities & Challenges - the Thar Desert


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Thar Desert
is the world's seventh largest desert
Location of Thar Desert
lies to the west of New Delhi and includes the deserts that cover portions of the Indian states of Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan, as well as the Punjab and Sind in Pakistan
200,000km squared
Size of Thar Desert
30 million
people live in the Thar
83 people per km2
so the Thar is the most densely populated desert in the world
extreme temperatures, poor water supply in parts of the desert, and inaccessibility in more remote regions
Energy use
The desert is also used to generate electricity. Close to Jaisalmer is the largest wind turbine farm in India. It consists of 75 wind turbines with a total capacity of 60 MW.
in places like Jaisalmer is growing because of its large fort, the history of the Maharajahs and because Jaisalmer is often used as a base to explore the nearby desert, in jeeps or by camel safari.
Farming is difficult because of
creeping dunes, harsh winds, searing summer temperatures and devastating droughts
Indira Ghandi canal
brings water to irrigate the land to produce crops like cotton and wheat
Mineral resources such as limestone and gypsum (for making plaster)
are found in this desert - and are valuable for the building industry.