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  1. evolution
  2. List 4 characteristics of Life
  3. radioactive
  4. polar
  5. eukaryotic
  1. a molecule in which the charges unevenly distributed
  2. b Type of cell that contains a nucleus
  3. c "change over time".
  4. d An isotope whose nuclei are unstable and break down at a constant rate over time.
  5. e reproduce, use energy, made of cells, has DNA, grows and develops, responds to stimulus

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  1. Name given to simple sugars
  2. Compound that produces OH- ions in solution
  3. 60. Organelle that captures the energy from sunlight and converts in into food.
  4. Basic unit of matter.
  5. diffusion, osmosis, facilitative diffusion

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  1. hypotonicsolution When water moves into the cell (from high to low)


  2. vacuoleOrganelle that stores materials like water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates.


  3. covalent bondSharing of two electrons between atoms


  4. soluteSubstance that is dissolved.


  5. unsaturated fatsType of fat that contains double bonds