Dance GCSEs

What is physical setting?
Lighting,costume,set design and stage space
What ia aural setting?
Type of accompaniment used
Types of aural accompaniment
Sound,silence,spoken word,symphony and song
Motif and development
A sequence of movement which has the poetential to be developed
Most important part of the dance
Two different movements
Whybis it important tonhave highlights within and dance
To engage the audiance, helpnaid the theme, make it more intereasting and aid mood and atmosphere
When describing a motif what should you include
Action,space and dynamics
Gd choreograpjer
Christopher bruce
Gd company
Various including rambert
Gd 1st peformance
Gd theme
Political opression in chile
Gd lighting
Nick chelton
Gd dancers
5 women and 6 men
Gd costume
Belinda Scarlett