Ms. Amy's Apologia Physical Science- Module 14


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highest point on a wave
lowest point on a wave
distance between the crest or trough
is the height of the wave
the unit used for frequency of a wave
transverse wave
a wave with a direction of propagation that is perpendicular to its direction of oscillation
longitudinal waves
a wave with a direction of propagation that is parallel to its direction of oscillation, also known as a sound wave
supersonic speed
any speed that is faster than the speed of sound in the substance of interest
sonic boom
the sound produced as a result of an object traveling at or above Mach 1
an indication of how high or low a sound is, is primarily determined by the frequency of the sound wave
sonic wave
longitudinal wave (sound) with the frequencies of 20 - 20,000 Hz
ultrasonic wave
wave with frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz
infrasonic wave
wave with frequencies below 20 Hz
the volume
what does a sound wave's amplitude govern?
bel and decibel
the two main units sound is measured in

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