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FSM 131 Exam 3

The dominant type of food service in the United States
An example of food in the food processing continuum that enters a foodservice operation with little or no processing would be buying
fresh apples, sugar, flour and shortening to make an apple pie
A restaurant that recieves raw food products, prepares it, and serves it immediately to the customer could be classified as a _______ type of foodservice.
In a _____ foodservice, menu items are produced and held in chilled or frozen until heated for service later
"Marketing effectiveness" refers to minimizing the resources that must be spent to achieve the desired product exchange.
_____ is the marketing communication that serves specifically as an incentive stimulate sales
List at least 3 social networking sites
Facebbok, My Space, Twitter
Enviromental forces are of great importance to the marketing manager because they help identify the target market.
A name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one sellers good service as distinct from other sellers is termed ________.
The physical elements in an operations design that appeal to a customers emotions are termed ____________.
Proactively gathering complaints from customers is a form of service marketing research.
Brand loyalty is repeated customer purchasing of a specific brand.
Market share
is the percentage of industry sales of a product
Marketing mix is the combination of product and price that created value for the customer
A marketing objective is a statement of what is to be accomplished through marketing activities
Gathering customer input during the service encounter is an example of what form of service marketing research?
process checkpoint evaluation
SWOT analysis focuses on identifying
strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats
Identifying marketing opportunities and potential problems confronting an organization is known as
situation analysis
A strategic business unit is
a component of an organization with a specific market focus
The four Ps of marketing are ____, ____, ____ and ____.
product, price, promotion, programs
Which of the following is an accurate comparison of products and services?
Services cannot be stored for future sale; products can
Companies that have developed frozen individual meals to be sold in supermarkets are responding to
behavioristic variables
Natural resouces, population desnity, and subcultural values that influence a customers product needs are referred to as _____variables.
A persons ethnicity, income and education are referred to as_______.
Market segmentation means
dividing the total market into groups of people with similar product needs
Having an effective marketing concept usually places primary emphasis on
serving the customer
A foodservice operations target market is
a group of people for whom a company develops a product or service
As the time between the completion of production and the time of service increases, the options for distribution practices decrease
The marketing enviroment is defined as the
forces outside the organization that influence marketing activities
Make choices based on what they percieve will show their success to others
Achievment oriented customers
Make choices based on a desire for social or physical activity, variety or risk
Ideal-oriented customers
Make choices based on their knowledge and principals
Self-expression-oriented customers
Foodservice employees who follow a predetermined text when they pass meal trays have neen trained using scripting
Distribution involves getting food from production to service
Centralized service allows for greater flexability than does decentralized service in providing for individual customer needs and in making last-minute changes
Using microwave ovens in galley kitchend for reheating of food items might be found in foodservice operations with ccok chill food production and decentralized service
Assembling patient meal trays in the kitchen close to the point of production is termed decentralized service
Which type of service is characterized by a customer coming to a central ordering/pick uo location to order and pay for food
counter service
Adding transportation process between production and service increases the importance of
HACCP monitoring
Maintaining apporopriate food temperatures typically is least challenging with ____service
The most common style of table service in commercial foodservice operations in the US is ______service.
Buffets are an example of ______ service.
The type of service in which food is brought to the table on platters or in bowls by the waitstaff and then passed at the table is _____service.
A distinguishing characterstic of table service is
service by a waitsperson
The primary advantage of decentralized service is
decreased time between meal assembley and service
A primary concern with decentralized tray assembly is the
supervision of the tray assembly process
Having transportation carts or patient trays that will maintain hot food temperatures is most important in whcih type of food service
cook-chill food production with decentralized service
The movement of product or people through an operation is termed_____.
Flourescent lights over a work area in the kitchen are an example of ______ lighting.
Center of the plate typically requires two phases of heat processing in ready-prepared foodservices
Removing more air from a space than is brought into that space is an example of
negative air pressure
A charrette is a
collaberative planning session to gain input about a new kitchen
Which of the following critical control points are more important in ready prepared foodservices than in conventional services?
cooling and reheating
The term "sous vide" is French for
under vacuum
A primary difference between ready-prepared and conventional food service operation is
in conventional foodservice operations, menu items are prepared for immediate service in ready prepared, they are prepared for inventory
Cook-chill and cook-freeze are examples of the ______ type of foodservice
A hospital that uses cook-chill production and cetralized tray production likely would have _______steps between procurement and service as compared to a table service restaurant.
A hospital that recieved raw food products, prepares them, assembles food on pateient trays in the kitchen, and transports the trays to the patient unit for service would be classified as an assembly serve type of foodservice.
Saying that a service is intangible means that production and consumption of the service cannot be separated.