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accrue v.
To come as a natural increase or advantage.

As a noun: accrual
crescendo n.
A gradual increase in sound, often referring to music.

NOTA BENE: This word is sometimes also used as an adjective and an adverb.
excrescence n.
Abnormal growth or outgrowth

As an adjective: excrescent
beneficence n.
Doing good or causing good to be done; kindly action.

As an adjective: beneficient
efficacious adj.
Effective as a means or remedy.

As an adverb: efficaciously
facile adj.
Acting, working or proceeding with ease; fluent.

As an adverb: facilely

As a verb: facilitate

As a noun: facility
facsimile n.
An exact copy of a book, painting, document, etc...

NOTA BENE: This can also be used as an adjective
faction n.
1. A group or clique within a lager group, party, or government.

2. conflict within an organization or nation.

As a noun: factional

As an adjective: factious
mollify v.
To calm; to make gentler or softer in feeling.
context n.
1. the parts before or after a word or statement that influence its meaning.

2. The circumstances surrounding an event or situation.
pretext n.
A false reason put forward to hide or conceal the true one.