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  1. surgical asepsis
  2. wt
  3. S/W
  4. debridement
  5. R
  1. a weight
  2. b removal of debris or dead tissue from wound
  3. c saline in water
  4. d eliminate all microorganisms
  5. e respiration

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  1. patient
  2. evening, night
  3. using a needle and syringe to aspirate fluid or tissue cells
  4. new tissue forms, edges of wound begin to close together
  5. once a day

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  1. floatera unsterile assistant free to move about the room and attend to unsterile needs


  2. vialsmall bottle with rubber diaphragn that can be punctured with a needle


  3. O.U., OUboth eyes


  4. suppspirits


  5. PRNrespiration