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GCSE Managing Desertification


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Appropriate technology
Technologies that are well-suited to a place's particular economic, geographical, ecological, and climate conditions. Small scale.
The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, helping in the fight against desertification
A type of tree planted in desertifying areas, provides shade and gum that can be sold
Tree planting
Helps shade the soil, retain moisture and add nutrients to soil
Stone lines
A management strategy to prevent Soil erosion in desertifying ares
The Great Green Wall
An 8,000km long wall of trees planned for sub Saharan Africa to prevent deserts spreading
Contour stone line
catches rainwater and soil washing across the surface
The process by which fertile land becomes desert,typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or agriculture.
Sub Saharan Africa
A region at risk of desertification
A country where Acacia trees are planted
Burkina Faso
A country where stone lines originated