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GCSE Factors affecting Urbanisation


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An urban area with a total population in excess of ten million people.
When people move from one area to another. In many LICS people move from rural to urban areas (rural-urban migration).
Natural increase
when birth rates are above death rates and the population increases
Rural to urban migration
The movement of people from the countryside to the city usually in search of economic opportunities (jobs) and a better life (both "pull" factors of migration)
Push factor
can force or encourage people to move away from an area
Pull factors
Attractions that draw migrants to a certain place
rate of urbanisation passed in 2007
Death Rates fall in cities as people have;
Better access to medical care, Improved water supplies, Improved sanitary conditions, Improved wealth so improved food supply
Birth rates take longer to fall in cities as
more babies survive as infant mortality falls and young people move to towns and cities, which boost the birth rate
Lack of employment
an economic push factor
A variety of jobs
an economic pull factor
an environmental push factor
Access to better education
a social pull factor
a social/political push factor