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Lesson 11 Key Words


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transgress v.
To go beyond or over set limits; to break a rule.

As a noun: transgression
transitive adj.
Describing an action carried from subject to verb to object; needing a direct object to complete the meaning of the verb.
transitory adj.
Lasting for only a short while.
translucent adj.
Permitting light to pass through, but not transparent.

As a noun: translucence

As an adverb: translucently
ambience n.
Environment; the surrounding atmosphere.

As an adjective: ambient
obituary n.
Notice of a death with biographical information.
transient adj.
1. Passing quickly; transitory

2. Staying only a short time.

As a noun: transience
aberration n.
Straying from what is normal or accepted.

As an adjective: aberrant
erratic adj.
Irregular or inconsistent in movement, habit, quality or ideas.

As an adverb: erratically
episode n.
An incident in a person's life or in a story or play.

As an adjective: episodic

As an adverb: episodically
exodus n.
1. Mass departure or emigration

2. A word, with a capital letter, that refers to the departure of the Israelites from Egypt with their leader Moses.