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C3 Criminal; Fingerprints

Latent Prints
Visible prints (e.g. on glass)
Plastic Prints
Visible prints that leave an indent (e.g. in blu-tac)
Patent Prints
Usually, non-visible caused by sweat and oil - they need to be 'lifted'
Inter observer consistency
Level of agreement between multiple fingerprint analysts
Intra observer consistency
Consistency of an individual fingerprint analyst over time
Cognitive Bias in fingerprint analysis
Analysis depends on cognitive factors such as attention which can be selective and bias
Ridge Ending
The end of a ridge.
Forking or dividing of one ridgeline into two or more branches
Ridge in the shape of an 'Island'
The lines the create the print
High Emotional Context
Increases the likelihood of an ambiguous match (Dror 2005)
Motivating factors of fingerprint analysts
Rewards -satisfaction - Fear of mistakes - Importance of the case - Need for 'closure' Chalton 2010
Bias reduction
Two fingerprint experts verify fingerprint matches to reduce misidentifications

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