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the way of life of people who share the same beliefs and customs


the sacred book of islam; also spelled koran

cultural diffusion

the spread of customs and ideas from one culture to another


a pilgrimage to Mecca which muslims must make at least once in their lifes


a branch of government ruled by religous leaders


certain spots in the desert where water and shade and vegitation can be found


oil, found under earths surface; can take millions of years to form

non renewable resource

a resource that can not be renewed or used again


the watering of crops using canals and other artificals


a cooperative manufacturing settlement

West Bank

a disputed region in Isreal on the western bank of the Jordan River

Gaza Strip

a disputed region in Isreal on the Mediterranean coast


the belief in one god


calls muslims to pray five times a day


cooperative farming settlement

refugee camps

places in irsael where many israeli palestinian people live


period where jews were persacuted and killed durring world war II


arabic speaking herders on the arabian penninsula

the amount of muslims in the world

1.3 billion


islamic law


the blue men of the Sahara, nomadic herders

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