10 terms

Lesson 12 Key Words

itinerant adj.
Traveling from place to place, especially to perform some duty or work; transient

As a noun: itinerancy
itinerary n.
1. A route of travel.

2. A plan or record of a journey.

As a verb: itinerate
advent n.
1. Arrival or coming into being.

2. When capitalized, referring to the period beginning four weeks before Christmas.
circumvent v.
1. To avoid; to evade by cleverness.

2. To avoid by passing around.

As a noun: circumvention
convene v.
To assemble, especially for a meeting.
intervene v.
1. To occur between events or periods.

2. To come between, thereby easing a situation.

3. To interfere or to interrupt.

As a noun: intervention
telepathy n.
Communication from one mind to another without speech, writing or other sensory means.

As an adjective: telepathic

As an adverb: telepathically
deviate v.
To turn aside from a course, norm, pattern or subject.

As an adjective: deviant

As a noun: deviation
devious adj.
1. Winding; roundabout.

2. Underhanded; deceptive

As a noun: deviousness
impervious adj.
1. Not penetrable by light rays, moisture, etc...

2. Incapable of being influenced or affected

As a noun: imperviousness