11 terms

Lesson 13 Key Words

accelerate v.
To cause faster movement; to go faster.

As a noun: acceleration
celerity n.
Swiftness; quickness; speed
concur v.
1. To agree; to cooperate

2. To coincide; to happen simultaneously.

As a noun: concurrence

As an adjective: concurrent

As an adverb: concurrently
discourse n.
1. Conversation.

2. A formal discussion of a subject in speech or writing.
incur v.
To meet with; to run into; to bring upon oneself.

As a noun: incursion
precursor n.
Forerunner; someone or something that came before.

As an adjective: precursory
As a noun: Help in time of need or distress.

As a verb: To render help to.
conglomeration n.
A collection of unrelated things.

As a noun and adjective: conglomerate
abject adj.
1. Humiliating and miserable.

2. Contemptible.
As a noun: An opinion formed from inconclusive evidence; a guess.

As a verb: To come to a conclusion about something with insufficient (not enough) evidence.
interjection n.
A word or phrase sometimes inserted between other words, often expressing emotion; a word not linked grammatically to other words in a sentence.

As a verb: interject