11 terms

Lesson 14 Key Words

assail v.
1. To attack violently; to assault.

2. To attack with words; to ridicule or criticize harshly.

As a noun: assailant
desultory adj.
1. jumping from one thing to another; rambling.

2. Haphazard or random.
exult v.
To rejoice greatly; to be triumphant.

As an adjective: exultant

As an adverb: exultantly

Asa noun: exultation
resilient adj.
1. Capable of returning to the original shape after being bent or stretched.

2. Buoyant; recovering quickly from illnes, change or misfortune.

As a noun: resilience
salient adj.
1. Striking in appearance.

2. Projecting up or out.

As an adverb: saliently
convalesce v.
To recover health after illness.

As a noun: convalescence
avail v.
To use to one's own advantage (to avail oneself of)
prevalent adj.
Widely occurring or in general use.

As a verb: prevail

As a noun: prevalence
valor n.
Heroic courage; bravery.

As an adjective: valorous
evolve n.
1. To develop gradually

2. To change from a simpler to a more complex form of animal or plant life.

As a noun: evolution

As an adjective: evolutionary
voluble adj.
Speaking in a steady, easy flow of words; talkative; glib.

As a noun: volubility

As an adverb: volubly