9 terms

Lesson 16 Key Words

As a noun: A member of the family of cats, lions, tigers and jaguars.

As an adjective: Belonging to the cat family; having characteristics of a cat, such as gracefulness and independence.

Another way to write the noun: felinity
leonine adj.
Pertaining to a lion; having characteristics of a lion, such as fierceness and majesty.
lionize v.
To regard or treat a person as a celebrity.

Other noun forms of this word: lionism, lionization, lionship
piscine adj.
Typical of fish

As a noun: piscinity
porcine adj.
Pertaining to or resembling a pig.

As a noun: porcinity
serpentine adj.
1. Resembling a serpent in form or movement: sinuous, winding

2. Having qualities of a serpent: subtle, sly, sometimes even evil.
As an adjective: Pertaining to or resembling an ape or monkey

As a noun: An ape or monkey

Another related noun: simianity
ursine adj.
Pertaining to or characteristic of a bear.

As a noun: ursinity
zoology n.
The science dealing with animals (This word can also be used as an adjective).

Related adjectives: zoologic, zoological

As an adverb: zoologically

Another related noun: zoologist