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GCSE Mumbai Social and Economic Opportunities


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Social Opportunities
These are opportunities that help people in some way or other, Mumbai offers many opportunities to people via access to various public and private services
Health care
In cities like Mumbai people have easier access to a wider range of medical services including doctors, hospitals and nurses. Even the poor have access to basic medical services that they either would not have in the rural areas or would have to travel very long distances for.
migrants often move to cities to have access to schools for their children, so that their children have a much better chance in life than themselves.
Water supply
variable in Mumbai, and in Dharavi slum the water pipes are only in use 2 hours a day and there are queues for this water. However, this is clean drinking water, which often not available in poorer rural areas or involves a time consuming labour intensive walk for (mainly) women to the local well.
Having access to clean water
prevents transmission of parasites and cholera. Another opportunity provided by living in an urban megacity like Mumbai.
some remote parts of India still have no electricity, whilst living in a large city like Mumbai allows people to live with all of the benefits of energy and electricity.
Economic opportunities
The major pull factor of a city like Mumbai, is the opportunity for employment.
Indian version of Hollywood (film industry), centered in Mumbai (formerly Bombay)
Financial institutions
a bank, trust company, insurance company, credit union, etc. Major employers in Mumbai
Manufacturing industry
Businesses that produce and sell tangible products such as steel and machines, near the port area of Mumbai
Formal Industry
registered jobs where the workers' pay taxes to the government and the companies have a legal obligation to protect their workers, offer holidays and pay regular wages.
Informal Industry
Jobs where there is no minimum wage, the workers are unlikely to pay taxes, have no holiday rights and often work in dangerous or hazardous conditions. Jobs include rag picking