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GCSE London Opportunities


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The cultural mix or multiculturalism
basically refers to a country or place that has more than one culture living together in close proximity
Newham, Brent and Tower Hamlets
3 boroughs of London where white people are now in the minority (2011 census)
something done for fun, a hobby or game, lots of opportunities for this in London
Financial and insurance activities
dominate London's economy
Integrated transport systems
Seek to integrate different modes of transport and integrate into environment in which it operates.
London Underground
The Metropolitan Railway in London, part of its integrated transport network
Oyster card
A card that enables you to pay for your transport fares in London without the hassle of getting out change
Urban greening
to increase the amount and proportion of green spaces within a city
Roof top green spaces
Greater London Authority have identified 700 green roofs in central London alone
London's employment rate in 2011, below the UK average
of the UK's Gross Value Added (GVA) comes from London alone