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GCSE dance theory

1) 4 key facts for artificial things?
-the image behind AT was snow covered urban landscape with alone figure on collapsed wheelchair
-paintings by serbian artist goran djurovic influenced AT
-dancers own experiences provided inspiration
-choreographed by lucy bennett + performed by stopgap dance company
2) 3 key facts about a Linha curva?
-means The Curved Line in Portuguese
-stimulus was Brazilian culture, to celebrate their fun, spontaneous way of life
-choreographed by Itzik Galili, performed by rambert dance company
3) costume description and evaluation for AT? (4)
-designed by Anna jones
-wash of blue and green running paint=reference to being stuck in GD's paintings
-outer garments are removed in scene to show time's moved on
4) costume description and evaluation for ALC? (5)
-Designed by itzik Galili
-black vest with different colour zips and different coloured wet look Lycra shorts
-colours=carnival inspired, enhance lighting's impact
-adds equality in ensemble sections
-men wear metallic disc shaped collars in opening
5) set design description and evaluation for AT? (8)
-designed by Anna jones
-set influenced by "unknown secrets" collection (by GD)
-backdrop crudely painted, effect of paint running down canvas
-scenes1+2=bright coloured strips, removed in3 for calmer visuals+shows mood change
-vitrine on side w/ snow in cabinet
-diagonal scattered snow from vitrine>Laura ds right
-headless suit on mannequin legs on third stool in front of vitrine
-light grey floor, bordered by wooden frame, emphasises looking into snow globe of artificial things
6) description and evaluation for staging/set for ALC? (2)
-No set apart from raised platform at back where 4 percussionists perform
-in one section skateboards propel dancers across stage
7) description and evaluation for lighting in AT? (3)
-designed by chahine yavrovan
-in the middle it opens out with a blue wash with warm and cool side lighting
-for the final solo it closes down to a final spot
8) describe and evaluate the lighting for ALC? (2)
-designed by itzik Galili
-different coloured timed lighting makes chequer-board effect on stage, and defines dancer's spacing and lines in ensemble bits.
4 key facts about Infra? (3)
The title "infra" comes from the latin word for below
Represents a portrait of life beneath the surface of a city
Being about people , infra has pedestrian style choreography
choreographed by Wayne McGregor, performed by the Royal Ballet
Costume description and evaluation for infra? (4)
-designed by Moritz Junge
-fitted shorts vests and t shirts in flesh black white grey
-girls wear pointe shoes
-street clothes in crowd scene
Description and evaluation of Infra's set design (3)
-design by artist Julian Opie
-18m LED screen high on back wall
-flow of electronic walking figures
9)define actions
What the dancer does
10) define space
Where movement takes place
11)define dynamics
The qualities of movement based upon variations of speed, strength and flow
12)define dance relationships
The ways in which dancers interact; the connections between dancers
13) define movement memory
Ability to remember movements through repetition and mental rehearsal (visualising the dance)
14) define commitment
Planning of rehearsal and commitment to the performance
15) define concentration
Discipline in rehearsal with a focus on developing and improving dance work
16) define confidence
Confidence in responding to feedback and the capacity to improve
17) list the 10 choreographic devices
Canon, climax, development, fragmentation, highlights, motif, motif development, repetition, retrograde, unison
What are 9 examples of dance relationships?
Unison, canon, mirroring, complementary, contrast, accumulation, contact, question and answer, counterpoint
What are the five main categories of dance actions ?
Gestures, turns, stillness+balances, jumps, travel
Name 5 types of aural setting
Voiceover, body percussion, sound effects,silence, instruments
What is a motif?
A movement or a short phrase of movements that embodies the style and content of the dance
Give 5 examples of motif developments
Retrograde, size, tempo, dynamics, levels
The dance was based off the poem........
I know it's not my fault
But sometimes i think
Our love could be different
What is the story of your solo?
About the victim of an unhealthy relationship, where she is being abused and made to believe it is her fault
What is the aural setting for your solo? (2)
Voiceover saying poem at beginning and end, and instrumental piano "remembering" by kyle j wittlin
What is the aural setting in ALC? (2)
-by dutch percussion group Percossa
-dancers make vocalisations
Aural setting in AT?
High pitched, mysterious emotional music
Sunshine of your smile mixed in and distorted in dave's solo
Aural setting infra? (2)
Max richter composed orchestral music
-found and radio sounds mixed in to show pedestrian theme
how long should you spend on section a?
30 mins
how long should you spend on section b?
25 mins
how long should you spend on section c?
35 mins
3 key facts on WHE?
-performed by the James Cousins Company, choreographed by James Cousins
-dance film with emotional intensity portraying an abstract tragic love story open to interpretation.
-a prologue and 6 sections
describe and evaluate the lighting in WHE? (3)
-natural (no designer)
-development from day to night showing passage of time in relationship
-darker setting towards the end of the duet also adds to the intensity and intimacy of the final scene.
describe and evaluate the costumes in WHE (5)
-costume designer =James Cousins
-stylised everyday clothes
-female wears beige shirt and skirt (ethereal, light) he wears a khaki jumper and jeans
-stark contrast in colours creates an illusion of her floating on him in space
-female's delicate looking clothes remind audience she is vulnerable-her top button comes undone to show her distress
describe and evaluate the set design in WHE? (8)
- filmed by Scratch
-performance environment =site sensitive
-reflects dark atmosphere
-camera's distance makes audience feel like a secret observer.
-camera moves closer as relationship does
-filmed on a track for smoothness
-penultimate section we switch to a handheld camera, creates raw, unstable effect
-set in remote locations to show character separation
describe and evaluate the aural setting of WHE? (4)
-composer = Seymour Milton
-commissioned for work and written collaboratively with Cousins
-combines electronic elements with strings and piano
-haunting and emotive accompaniment
5 key facts on Emancipation of Expressionism?
-choreographed by Kendrick "H20" Sandy, performed by Boy Blue Entertainment
-exploring hip hop moves in a contemporary way
-themes of order and chaos
-the idea of being free to express individuality
-4 sections=
2-growth and struggle
3-connection and flow
describe and evaluate the costume in E of E (7)
-designer = Kendrick Sandy
-colour blue represents company and matches lighting
-baggy shape to mimic everyday clothes
-urban look
-plain minimalist clothes allow focus to be on movement
-everyone wears same materials to show unity and equality
-some jewellery to show individuality
describe and evaluate the set design in E of E (4)
-no set designer
-proscenium arch stage
-no set , the dancers can clearly be seen and have room
-fog used to highlight blue lighting and helps dramatically reveal dancers later
describe and evaluate the lighting within E of E (5)
-designer is Kendrick Sandy with the Sadler's Wells Theatre
-Intense blue lighting above
-spotlights highlight groups
-edges are darker for central focus
-second section there are a pair of white lights off SR.
describe and evaluate the aural setting of E of E (6)
-4 sections , but there are 3 separate
pieces of music . 1+2 is original work by Michael "Mikey J" Asante, and features urban powerful drum beats and electronic sounds. 3 is "November" by Max Richter. 4 is "Til Enda" by Olafur Arnalds, a fusion of urban and percussion drums with classical string instrumentation
-syncopated rhythms with heavy percussion
-lyric "i think you're the one" is repeated
-electronic crescendos and diminuendos are used
-varied textures
-Kendrick calls it "sound surfing" where music is represented in dancers
what is systematic repitition?
rehearsing smaller sections of movement
what is planning of rehearsal ?
thinking about what and when you are rehearsing
what is the capacity to improve?
having the right mindset to improve and work on corrections
when choreographing a dance , what are the steps you need to undergo and the order you need to complete them in?
(renèe in general slays during satisfied, rent suffers)
refining and synthesising