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Este es el quizlet para columna C, p. 2 de la guía de estudio, Examen 2, el 11/XI/2010.


to support a family

introducir la llave

put the key in the ignition

dar una vuelta

go for a stroll

dar la vuelta

turn around


to stop


to swear


to hold

valer (valgo)

to be worth

caber (quepo)

to fit into

torcer (tuerzo)

to twist

cocer (cuezo)

to cook

me alejo de

to go away from


to rub


to soak


to get up


to make sure, verify


to throw, toss


to shoot, to throw

desprenderse de

to get rid of, to part with


to illuminate


to kneel

malgastar recursos

to waste resources

que alce la cara

to look up

que tropiece

to bump into

que calce

to put on shoes

que roce

to graze

me acerco a

to approach

me seco

to dry

me hinco

to kneel

caminar a tientas

to walk groping

parar en seco

to stop abruptly

de improviso


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