26 terms

Journalism Vocab Chp 1

for journalism test 1 TCU
transmission of a message from a source to a receiver
interpersonal communication
communication between two or few people-no definable source or receiver
assembling a message with a meaning to send to a receiver
interpreting the message sent by the sender
means of sending information ex: sound waves
mass medium
ex: radio, tv, books, newspaper
mass communication
the process of creating shared meaning between the mass media and their audiences
inferential feedback
indirect feedback, used to be delayed but now it is instantaneous and is feedback through the same mediums as the initial messages
cultural definition of communication
communication and reality are linked. Communication is the foundation of our culture
a learned behavior of members of a given social group
dominant culture
aka mainstream culture: the one that seems to hold sway with the majority of people
bounded cultures
aka co-culture: smaller cultures within a larger society (ie: italians, the south, etc)
technological determinism
idea that machines and their development drive economic and cultural change
media literacy
the ability to effectively and efficiently comprehend and use ay form or mediated communication
literate culture
encouraged technological innovation. includes development of writing and the formation of it.
oral or preliterate culture
without written languages
"talking chiefs" provide oral history for their people
ideogrammatic alphabets
picture based alphabets appeared in ancient cultures
syllable alphabet
an alphabet employing sequences of vowels and consonants or words
rolls of sliced strips of reed pressed together (first paper)
romans first started using animal hides to write on
ability to effectively and efficiently comprehend and use written
third person effect
the common attitude that others are influenced by the media messages but that we are not
categories of expression within the different media and are characterized by conventions
standardized style elements
productions values
the choice of lighting, editing, special effects, camera, angles, location of pages, sizes