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Describe Moshe, the Beadle.
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What did some of the passengers do to quiet Madame Schacter?Tried to calm her with a wet cloth, they bound and gagged her, and they hit her with a deadly blow to the head.Where did the train finally stop?Birkeanu.When questioned by the SS Officer, why did Elie lie about his age and occupation?So he can go to the labor camp instead of the death camp.What was the first horrifying sight Elie at first disbelieved?1st ditch- burning babies. 2nd ditch-burning adults.Explain what Elie meant when he said, "Never shall I forgot these flames which consumed my faith forever."When he saw the flames, he lost faith in god.How had Elie changed in a short time?He has gotten skinnier.What was Elie's first impressions of Auschwitz after leaving Birkenau?He like Auschwitz better because it has brick walls and gardens.What was the "compulsory formality" at the entrance to all camps?They had to take a shower.What sort of identification was used on the prisoners?Letters and numbers.Why was the prisoner in charge of Elie's block removed from his position?He was said to be too human.What were the prisoners' rations at each meal?Breakfast-Black Coffee Lunch-Soup Dinner-Bread or something else.What was Bela Katz forced to do once he was chosen for his strengths?He was chosen to burn his own father.What were the objectives of the medical examination?To take out the golden teeth.Why were the Jewish musicians not allowed to play music by Beethoven?Jews were not allowed to play music by Beethoven.Describe one of Idek's bouts of madness.He started beating Elie until he was bloody.How did Elie initially avoid losing his golden crown?He told the dentist that he felt sick.Whom did Elie meet years later on the Paris Metro?The women he would work next to in the factory.What happened when Elie refused to give his crown to Franek? What was the end result?Elie's father was made fun of in front of the prisoners.Describe the scene with the soup cauldrons.A man was crawling to get soup and he was shot.During one of the preliminary "ceremonies" for a hanging, what did Juliek whisper to Elie? What does this suggest?He did not care for the other prisoners.During one hanging , Elie and the other prisoners cried. What made this hanging different from others?The little kid was loved by everyone.Why didn't Elie fast on Yom Kippur?He rebelled against god.What advise was Elie given to pass the selection process?Try to move your limbs, give yourself some color, run fast, run straight, don't look at the SS, and don't be afraid.How did Elie's father respond when he learned his name had been written down?He thought he was going to be killed so he gave his knife and spoon to Elie.What did Akiba Drummer ask the others to do for him? Did they do it?To say Kaddish, they didn't say it because they had to work.Why was Elie placed in the hospital?his foot was hurt.Why was the camp to be evacuated? What did Elie learn of the fate of those-who stayed behind in the hospital?The Russian Red Army was getting closer to the concentration camp.What happened to anyone who could not keep up with the march?They were trampled or they were shot.How did Zalman die?He got trampled over by other people.What horrible realization did Elie come to concerning Rabbi Eliahou and his son? How did Elie respond to this?He left his father so he can take care of himself and have a more chance of surviving.What was Juliek's last act?He was scared the Nazis were going to kill him because he brought his violin.How did Elie help his father when the selection was made?He stayed with him.How did Elie again help his father when they were on the train?Elie's father slept on the train but Elie didn't want him to because the Nazis would throw his father out of the train.Describe the scene Elie witnessed between the father and son.People were killing other people for food.How many got out of the wagon? Where had they arrived?12, Buchenwald.Explain how the father/son roles had been reversed in the case of Elie and his father?Elie's father was very sick so Elie had to take care of him.Why was Elie's father being beaten?He was very sick.What did Elie think of the advice given to him by the head of the block?He didn't know if it was true or not.What happened on April 5th?The camp was about to be liberated.What did the prisoners do when they were freed?They went to find food.