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  1. What were the main crops of Mexico's early people?
  2. What is unusual about Mexico's rivers?
  3. When did farming begin in South America?
  4. What is the future of tourism in the region?
  5. Describe the four major issues facing South America today.
  1. a beans, corn, peppers, squash
  2. b 1. loss of the Amazon rainforest because of new farms and ranches
    2. soil exhaustion threatens south America's future. Overgrazing and loss of soil nutrients is causing this problem.
    3. Political issues also cause conflict. Many South American countries have been involved in border disputes often over areas with valuable resources.
    4. Violence is a problem. Terrorism is present in many South American countries, particularly Colombia.
  3. c There aren't many and there is no major river system.
  4. d more than 5,000 years ago
  5. e Many island leaders see tourism as the great hope for the future economic growth. Tourism takes land that could be used for farming and the jobs are mostly seasonal and have low pay, though. Tourism does bring needed jobs and reduces unemployment.

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  1. a semiarid and arid climate
  2. Their god advised them to build where they saw an eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus.
  3. Christopher Columbus thought he had reached islands off the coast of Asia that Europeans called the Indies, and the name stuck.
  4. Atacama desert of Northern Chile and Southern Peru
  5. An earthquake in 1985 damaged much of Mexico City. This informed people of the environmental issues. Efforts were launched to save the Metropolitan Cathedral and improve the city's air quality.

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  1. Llanosa large plains area in Northeastern Colombia and western Venezuela


  2. What is Colombia famous for?an elevated plain between the two great ranges that the Andes divide into


  3. What is NAFTA?an ocean and weather pattern that causes the eastern Pacific Ocean to be colder than normal


  4. What are the main languages spoken in South America?Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, English, French, Quechua, Guarani, and Portunol


  5. Where are the Andes Mountains?an elevated plain between the two great ranges that the Andes divide into