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  1. What was one result of the Mexican revolution
  2. How large is Mexico City?
  3. ecotourism
  4. When did people first enter South America?
  5. What is the Altiplano?
  1. a more than 12,000 years ago
  2. b Mexico gained its independence from Spain.
  3. c a type of tourism that focuses on guided travel though natural areas and on outdoor activities
  4. d It is the second largest urban area in the world after Tokyo.
  5. e an elevated plain between the two great ranges that the Andes divide into

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  1. an ocean and weather pattern that causes the eastern Pacific Ocean to be colder than normal
  2. about 36 million people as of 2000
  3. the Amazon River Basin
  4. emeralds
  5. Christopher Columbus thought he had reached islands off the coast of Asia that Europeans called the Indies, and the name stuck.

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  1. What happened to Tenochtitlan when the Spaniards arrived?a semiarid and arid climate


  2. What was a major motive for Spain to colonize the Americas?desire for gold and silver


  3. What was the capital city of the ancient Aztec empire?Tenochtitlan


  4. bauxitemineral that is the ore from which aluminum is made


  5. isthmusa large plains area in Northeastern Colombia and western Venezuela