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  1. Describe and locate the main languages spoken in the Caribbean.
  2. What is the major religion in Mexico?
  3. How did the Caribbean come to be called the West Indies?
  4. What is Mexico's most valuable natural resource?
  5. cacao
  1. a petroleum
  2. b Christopher Columbus thought he had reached islands off the coast of Asia that Europeans called the Indies, and the name stuck.
  3. c a type of tree from which we get cocoa beans
  4. d Roman Catholic
  5. e Spanish is spoken in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. English is also an official language in Puerto Rico. French and Creole are official languages of Haiti. Creole is a blend of European, African, or Caribbean Indian languages. In Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles, many people speak Papamiento. This creole language combines elements of Spanish, Dutch, and Portugese.

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  1. Many island leaders see tourism as the great hope for the future economic growth. Tourism takes land that could be used for farming and the jobs are mostly seasonal and have low pay, though. Tourism does bring needed jobs and reduces unemployment.
  2. 1. loss of the Amazon rainforest because of new farms and ranches
    2. soil exhaustion threatens south America's future. Overgrazing and loss of soil nutrients is causing this problem.
    3. Political issues also cause conflict. Many South American countries have been involved in border disputes often over areas with valuable resources.
    4. Violence is a problem. Terrorism is present in many South American countries, particularly Colombia.
  3. special factories in Mexico owned mainly by American companies
  4. They are along South America's Pacific Coast.
  5. sugar cane

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  1. isthmusa narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas


  2. What was one result of the Mexican revolutionMexico gained its independence from Spain.


  3. What were the main crops of Mexico's early people?There aren't many and there is no major river system.


  4. El ninoocean and weather patterns in which the Southeastern Pacific Ocean is warmer than usual, affecting regional climates


  5. What are the problems associated with air pollution?Mexico gained its independence from Spain.