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  1. On what legend did the Aztecs found the town Tenochtitlan?
  2. Pampas
  3. What were the main crops of Mexico's early people?
  4. ecotourism
  5. What are some of the cultural and historical features of Mexico City?
  1. a beans, corn, peppers, squash
  2. b a type of tourism that focuses on guided travel though natural areas and on outdoor activities
  3. c Modern skyscrapers tower over Aztec ruins and Spanish colonial buildings. Mexico City's square is where the center of Tenochtitlan one stood. They have old cathedrals and a palace. Chapultepec Park was once used by Aztec emperors.
  4. d Their god advised them to build where they saw an eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus.
  5. e wide fertile grasslands in southern South America

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  1. more than 12,000 years ago
  2. North American Free Trade Agreement that lowered tariffs between Canada, Mexico, and the US.
  3. Tropical wet and dry climates are typical. Temperatures seldom vary more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit between summer and winter. During winter, high pressure generally brings dry weather. A summer rainy season results when low pressure cells begin to move north across the region.
  4. Mexico gained its independence from Spain.
  5. petroleum

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  1. Name 3 factors that explain Mexico's climate.It is the second largest urban area in the world after Tokyo.


  2. What is the driest region in South America?more than 5,000 years ago


  3. La ninaan ocean and weather pattern that causes the eastern Pacific Ocean to be colder than normal


  4. When did the Spaniards, under Francisco Pizarro, conquer the Incas?more than 12,000 years ago


  5. When did Spanish conquistadores come to Mexico?1519