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  1. What mineral resources are found in this region?
  2. When did Spanish conquistadores come to Mexico?
  3. When did people first enter South America?
  4. Why is the land so unstable around Mexico City?
  5. What unique advantages did the Spanish have that allowed them to conquer the Aztecs?
  1. a Small gold fields have been discovered throughout Central America. Jamaica has major deposits of bauxite. Cuba and the Dominican Republic produce nickel. Trinidad has oil.
  2. b muskets, horses, and diseases
  3. c 1519
  4. d The city lies on a dry lake bed, so the soils underneath are soft and unstable.
  5. e more than 12,000 years ago

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  1. a semiarid and arid climate
  2. emeralds
  3. *built paved roads and suspension bridges
    *terraced fields braced by stone walls
    *stone construction
  4. Roman Catholic
  5. Factories and cars that release chemicals and toxins into the air cause air pollution.

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  1. Name the three great river systems in South America.*Amazon


  2. El ninoocean and weather patterns in which the Southeastern Pacific Ocean is warmer than usual, affecting regional climates


  3. What are the key natural resources in South America?Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, English, French, Quechua, Guarani, and Portunol


  4. indigenousnative


  5. What crops does Central America depend on?bananas, sugar, cotton, and cocoa beans


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