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  1. What is the major religion in Mexico?
  2. What is the driest region in South America?
  3. Where are the Andes Mountains?
  4. Describe the climate in Central America and the Caribbean.
  5. cacao
  1. a They are along South America's Pacific Coast.
  2. b a type of tree from which we get cocoa beans
  3. c Roman Catholic
  4. d Tropical wet and dry climates are typical. Temperatures seldom vary more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit between summer and winter. During winter, high pressure generally brings dry weather. A summer rainy season results when low pressure cells begin to move north across the region.
  5. e Atacama desert of Northern Chile and Southern Peru

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  1. The Spaniards destroyed it and built Mexico City on the ruins.
  2. large slums that surround major cities (in Brazil)
  3. more than 5,000 years ago
  4. more than 12,000 years ago
  5. One of the region's greatest natural resources is the warm and sunny climate, which attracts millions of tourists. Fertile soils and rich fishing grounds are also natural resources found in the region.

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  1. What unique advantages did the Spanish have that allowed them to conquer the Aztecs?Their god advised them to build where they saw an eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus.


  2. What kind of climate does the Patagonia have?about 36 million people as of 2000


  3. How did the Caribbean come to be called the West Indies?Many island leaders see tourism as the great hope for the future economic growth. Tourism takes land that could be used for farming and the jobs are mostly seasonal and have low pay, though. Tourism does bring needed jobs and reduces unemployment.


  4. What are the main languages spoken in South America?rich mineral desposits, fertile soils, climates suitable for farming, rivers, rain forests, gold and silver, copper, iron ore, bauxite, and petroleum


  5. What were the main crops of Mexico's early people?beans, corn, peppers, squash


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