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  1. What was the capital city of the ancient Aztec empire?
  2. Describe in detail the environmental problems facing Mexico City.
  3. What is the Altiplano?
  4. Name the three great river systems in South America.
  5. maquiladoras
  1. a *Amazon
  2. b an elevated plain between the two great ranges that the Andes divide into
  3. c The motor vehicles and factories release chemicals into the air which result in smog that can burn eyes and throats. People have pumped the wells so heavily that the ground has begun to sink and take the buildings with it.
  4. d special factories in Mexico owned mainly by American companies
  5. e Tenochtitlan

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  1. surrounding Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela
  2. sugar cane
  3. a type of tree from which we get cocoa beans
  4. mineral that is the ore from which aluminum is made
  5. The Spaniards destroyed it and built Mexico City on the ruins.

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  1. What is Colombia famous for?emeralds


  2. Name and describe the five elevation zones of the Andes are.One of the region's greatest natural resources is the warm and sunny climate, which attracts millions of tourists. Fertile soils and rich fishing grounds are also natural resources found in the region.


  3. How large is Mexico City?an ocean and weather pattern that causes the eastern Pacific Ocean to be colder than normal


  4. What is the population of the Caribbean?an elevated plain between the two great ranges that the Andes divide into


  5. What mineral resources are found in this region?Small gold fields have been discovered throughout Central America. Jamaica has major deposits of bauxite. Cuba and the Dominican Republic produce nickel. Trinidad has oil.