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Antoine Watteau

Greatest French Rococo painter, painted lovers in park-like settings.

Francois Boucher

French Rococo painter, engraver, and designer: painted frivolity and superficiality of French Court.

Jean Honore Fragonard

French Rococo painter who painted delicate hedonism.

Jean Baptiste Chardon

French painter: humble objects and modest events.

William Hogarth

British Rococo Painter: tried to develop distinct British aesthetic, also painted satyrical sequences.

Thomas Gainsborough

English portraitist and painter of landscapes.

Sir Joshua Reynolds

English portraitist and aesthetician.

Balthasaar Neumann

German military engineer turned architect. Supported Giovanni Tiepolo.

Giovanni Baptista Tiepolo

Venetian Decorator, greatest 18th century Italian painter, defined Italian Rococo. Painted ceiling for Balthasaar.


Venetian painter of views of Venice.

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