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Fundamental Attribution Error

Madison is always very quiet in class, so her teacher is surprised to see her as the center of attention among her friends in the hallway after school. By assuming that her quiet demeanor in class was due to Madison's personality, her teacher has committed the:

Foot-in-the-Door Phenomenon

Esme wants her father to loan her $ 80 for a concert ticket. She first asks for $ 40. After he agrees, she asks for $ 60, then $ 80. Which technique is Esme using?

Birds of a feather flock together because we are more likely to be attracted to people with similar attitudes and religious beliefs

According to attraction research, which cliche is more accurate: "Birds of a feather flock together" or " Opposites attract" ?

Cognitive Dissonance

If you realize that your behavior isn't consistent with your beliefs, you experience?

Companionate Love

Which of the following types of love is more likely to be long-lasting?

Equity and self-disclosure

Which of the following factors are likely to help maintain a companionate love relationship?


On their second date, Megan confides in Francisco that she still loves to watch Rugrats. He tells her that he still cries when he watches Bambi. These two young lovers will be brought closer together through this process of?

Bystander Effect

A young woman was shot at a gas station. A busload of people saw the entire event and did nothing. The bus driver even stepped over the body to pay for his gas. What social phenomenon best accounts for this behavior?


Erin's friends all wore togas to the football game. To act consistently with her friends' behavior, Erin also wore a toga. This illustrates?

Self-serving Bias

Friere did very poorly on his last math test. His tendency to blame his failure on his teacher's poor teaching and a lack of time for studying before the test illustrates the?

The group has three or more people, high status and is unanimous.

Conformity increases when?

The "teachers" were more obedient than most people would have predicted.

Most people are likely to be surprised by the results of Milgram's initial obedience experiment because?

The Mere Exposure Effect

After three months of riding the 8:30 bus to work, Cindy has started to like the gruff and scowling old bus driver. The fact that Cindy likes the bus driver better the more she sees him best illustrates?

Toren, who is talkative and assertive

Felippe, a 19 year-old-college freshman, is very talkative, intelligent, assertive, and politically conservative. Research suggests that he would be most likely to develop a close friendship with?

The Mere Exposure Effect

The more we hear a song, the more we like it. This is due to?

Companionate: this is equity between the partners

The deep affection that is felt in long-lasting relationships is called ______ love; this feeling is fostered in relationships in which?

Consider the influence of social roles on behavior when judging behavior

Based on the results of Zimbardo's prison experiment, a person should?

A person who is highly involved in drama at a high school across the state

Sarah is highly motivated in drama at her high school. Which person is Sarah most likely to be attracted to?

Mere Exposure

Four women, who were equally attractive, participated at a study. The women were assigned to attend a large lecture class either zero, five, ten or fifteen times but did not interact with other students when they attended. At the end of the semester, students in the class rated the women who had attended the class most frequently as the most attractive. This demonstrates the influence of?


Carrie and John break up because Carrie believes she is putting forth more effort to maintain the relationship than John. Their relationship is lacking in?

A man of average attractiveness dates a woman of average attractiveness

All other things being equal, which pairing is most likely?

Diffusion of Responsibility

A common explanation for the decreasing likelihood of helping in an emergency situation when the number of observers increases is?

Believes the victim deserves help

A person is most likely to help in an emergency situation if he or she?

Solomon Asch's Line Study

70 % of people give an obviously wrong answer in order to conform to a group

Philip Zimbardo's Prison Experiment

Playing a role can lead to behavior that does not match a person's attitudes

Stanley Milgram's Obedience Experiment

65 % of people follow orders to deliver a dangerous shock to another person just because they were told to

Darley and Latane's Bystander Effect Experiments

The more people who are present in an emergency situation, the less likely a person is to help

impression formation

The impression you make of a person's personality; formed within the first few seconds of meeting them and is very difficult to change; formed from previously created schemas

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