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Senator Joseph McCarthy's crusade against communists

Arthur Miller's inspiration for writing the drama, The Crucible, was...

The girls dancing and Tituba waving

What does Reverend Parris see in the forest?

His daughter has just fallen ill and cannot seem to repsong to him

When the play begins, why is Reverend Parris praying and weeping?

Bringing books with him to Salem

Reverand Hale shows his education and authority by...

Her actions will reflect badly on him

Reverend Parris's main concern about his niece Abigail is that...

He says the relationship between him and Abby is over and they will never be together again

What is John Proctor's response in Act I when Abigails speaks of her love for him?

Good Osborne has delivered three of her babies, and because the babies died, Mrs. Putnam blames her.

Why does Mrs. Putnam quickly believe that Goody Obsorne is a witch?

She thinks Abigail would like to take her place as John's wife

In Act II, for what reason does Elizabeth Proctor believe that Abigail would like to get rid of her?

He has lied about seeing Abigail alone

Why is Elizabeth suspicious of John Proctor?

Not attending church often enough and not having one of his son's baptized.

Rev. Hale criticizes Proctor for what two things?

Thou shalt not commit adultery

When Proctor recites the Commandments, ironically which one does he forget to list?

He feels guilty

What conclusion can you draw about Proctor after he forgets the commandment?

Has lied about witchcraft in the woods

Proctor knows that Abigail

Abigail claims that Elizabeth's spirit

In Act II, Cheever finds a needle in the poppet. Why does the needle convince him that Elizabeth is a witch?

The needle in the poppet

What circumstance points to Abigail as the villain in this drama?

John and Elizabeth Proctor

One conflict that drives the plot in Act II of this drama is a struggle between...

Prove that their wives are innocent

In Act III, Giles Corey, John Proctor, and Francis Nurse come to court to...


In what town are the court hearings held?

Save his wife, Elizabeth

Proctor finally tells about his affiar with Abigail to...

Giles is afraid that they will be arrested

Why is Giles Corey afraid to reveal the names of people?

She has run away and stolen her unle's money

What has happened to Abigail?

The town must know that he has confessed

In Act IV, why does Danforth insist that Proctor sign the confesssion?

Because he realizes that he has been responsible for the death of many innocent people.

Why does Rev. Hale say, "There is blood on my hands!"?

Proctor refuses to be part of a lie

Why is Proctor angry after he signs the confession?

His name and his honor

When John Proctor tears up his confession at the end of the drama, what does he value the most?

To act

The word "dan" means...


In a script, stage directions are typed in...

Regular Font

In a script, dialogue is typed in...

A playwright

The wirter of a play is called...


The main charecter in a drama is the..

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