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Medusa's Head

A story that usually explains something about the world and involves gods and superheroes.
A dangerous journey for an important goal.
A conversation between people.
Moved to a lower place; came down
Bewilderment; confusion
Permanent; constant
Inner places
Remained suspended in the air.
What happens to people when they look at Medusa?
When people look at Medusa they are turned to stone.
The oracle of Apollo tells King Acrisios that the king's fate is to ___.
The oracle tells King Acrisios he will be killed by his grandson, Perseus
Why does Atlas want to be turned to stone?
He is tired and weary from holding up the heavens.
Who is the mythic hero?
The mythic hero is Perseus.
How does King Acrisios die?
Perseus accidently kills him with a discus.
What is the main reason that Polydectes asks Perseus to get the Gorgon's head?
He wants Perseus to die, so he can marry Danae
In your own words, what is a Greek myth? The Greeks used myths explain the origins of things, cultural values.
The Greeks developed myths in order to explain the world around them and the importance of cultural values such as fate.
The heros from myths such as "Medusa" Head" stand for ---?
The heros stand for hopes and fears of the society in which the author lived.
From reading this selection, how do you think the Greeks felt about fate?
The Greeks believed you could not escape fate.
What is the climax of the story?
The climax is when Perseus meets up with and was chased by the Gorgons, and had to slay Medusa.
What is the central subject of this myth?
The central subject is the idea of fate; or fate controls your destiny.
At the end, Polydectes is completely surprised by what?
He was surprised that Perseus returns alive.
List 3 objects Perseus used in his quest and explain how he acquired them?
The hat of darkness, the winged shoes, and the knapsack he got from the nymphs.
The main difference between the myth, "Medusa's Head" and the cartoon, "Perseus and the Gorgon's Head" is ---?
The cartoon has less detail
How does the end of the myth fulfill the oracle's prophecy?
The prophecy of the oracle is fulfilled when Persues accidently kills King Acrisios.
Myths sometimes explain the origins of things. What is being explained in this myth?
This myth explains the origins of snakes in Africa, and how the mountains meet the sea in Mediterraen Sea.
Why is Perseus considered a mythic hero?
He is considered a mythic hero because he has supernatural powers and faces a great challenge.
How does Perseus battle the sea monster sent by Poseidon?
He pulls Medusa's head out of his bag and the sea monster turns to stone.
Name 3 characteristics of Greek myths?
Greek myths contain: gods/goddesses, supernatural heroes, one-dimensional characters
What steps must Perseus take in order to slay Medusa?
First, he must go to the sister's Phorcides, who will tell him the way to the nymphs who guard the hat of darkness, the winged sandals, and the knapsack which can hold the Gorgon's head. He must use his shield to look at the reflection of the Gorgon, because if he looks at her face, he will turn to stone. Once he sees the reflection, he is to cut off her head with the sword Hermes gave him and put the head in the knapsack.
Why is Perseus considered a mythic hero?
He is considered a mythic hero, because he is the son of a god, unusually strong, receives help from the gods, faces a great challenge, is handsome, brave and confident. He also saves Andromeda from death and saves her country from ruin. He uses super-abilities to fly and battle great beasts. Some of the battles are: