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Which of the following processes produces nuclei of lower mass than the reactants?


0.25 g is equivalent to..

250 mg

A mixture is...

A mixture is blend of any two or more kinds of matter, as long as each maintains its own unique properties

When 5.7 m is divided by 2 s, the quotient is correctly reported as

3 m/s

The half-life of an isotope is the time required for the half the nuclei in a sample to

undergo radioactive decay

Applied research is carried out in order to

to solve a particular problem

A state of matter in which a material has no definite shape but has a definite volume is the ___ state.


Matter includes all of the following except


Which of the following is an intensive property of matter?


Three samples of 1.12 g, 1.8 g, and 1.52 g are mixed together. The combined mass of the three samples expressed to the correct mumber of significant figures, would be recorded as

4.5 g

Balance the following equations
9 Be + 4 He --> 12 C + __
4 2 6

1 n

Nitrogen monoxide and oxygen, both colorless gases, from a red-brown gas when mixed. Nitrogen monoxide and oxygen are called the


Which model of the atom explains the orbitals of electrons as waves?

the quantum model

The mass of 2.0 mol of oxygen atoms (atomic mass 16.00 amu) is

32 g

Balance the following equation:
238 U + ___ --> 239 U
92 92

1 n

Basic research is usually performed

to gain knowledge

How many quantum numbers are needed to describe the energy state of an electron in an atom?


Which concept in Dalton's atomic theory has been modified?

Atoms cannot be divied

As the atomic number increases, the number of electrons in a neutral atom


Which of the these metric units is used to measure mass?


What is the formula mass/molar of (NH4)2SO4

132.16 amu

A spherical electron cloud surronding an atomic nucleus would best represent

an s orbital

How many half-lives are required for three-fourths of the nuclei of one isotope in a sample to decay ?


A homogeneous mixture is also called

a solution

The sequence in which energy sublevels are filled is specified by

the Aufbau principle

Which of the following lists ranks nuclear radiation from most massive to least massive?

alpha, beta, and gamma

The product of 13 cm and 5.7 cm is correctly reported as

74 cm2

How many atoms of flourine are present in a molecule of carbon tetraflouridem CF4?


The SI base units for length and time are

meter and second

Which of the following particles has the same mass as an electron but a positive charge and is sometimes emitted from the nucleus during radioactive decay?


The horizontal rows on the periodic table are called


Using a metric ruler with 1 mm divisions, the sides of a rectangular piece of plywood were measure as 3.54 cm and 4.85 cm, which corresponds to an area of 17.1690 cm2. Which of these shows the area expressed

17.2 cm2

If i inch equals 2.54 cm, how many centimeters equal 1 yard?

91.4 cm

The number of significant figures in the measurement 2010 cm is


The density of pure diamond is 3.5 g/cm3. What is the volume of a diamond with a mass of 0.25 g?

0.071 cm2

The electron notation for aluminum (atomic number 13) is

1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p1

All of the following describe the Heisenberg uncertainity prinicple except

it helps to locate an electron in an atom

Which of these symbols reprsents a unit of volume?


How many electrons can occupy the s orbitals at each energy level?

two, if they have opposite spins

A compund is

a substance, made of two or more atoms that are chemically bonded, that can be broken down into simpler, stable substances

If electromagnetic radiation A has a lower frequency than electromagnetic radiation B, then compared to B, the wavelength of A is


The average atomic mass of an element is the average of the atomic masses of its

naturally occurring isotopes

The average distance between the Earth and the moon is 386 000 km. Expressed in scientific notation, this distance is written as

3.86 x 10^5 km

The SI base unit for the time is the


To determine the molar mass of an element, one must know the element's

average atomic mass

The number of atoms in 1 mol of carbon is

6.022 x 10^23

The mass of a sample containing 3.5 mol of silicon atoms (atomic mass 28.0855 amu) is approximately

98 g

A line spectrum is produced when an electron moves from one energy level

to a lower energy level

If electrons in an atom have the lowest possible energies, the atom is in the

ground state

The number of atoms in a mole of any pure substance is called

Avogadro's number

The relationship between the mass m of a material, its volume V, and its density D is

D = m/V

A solid substance os

a;ways the same shape regardless of its container

Which of the following is an example of a homogeneous mixture


The dimensions of a rectangular solid are measured to be 1.27 cm, 1.3 cm, and 2.5 cm. Tje volume should be

4.1 cm^3

The vertical columns on the periodic table are called


If 63.5 g of cooper (Cu) combine with 16 g of oxygen (O) to form the compound CuO, how many grams of oxygen will be meeded to combine with the same amount of cooper to form the compound CuO2

32 g

According to Bohr, electrons cannot reside at __ in the figure below

point C

What is 1.245 633 501 x 10^8 rounded to four significant figures

1.246 x 10^8

In a chemical reaction

the mass of the reactants equals the mass of the products

How are elements artificially transmuted?

Stable nuclei are bombarded with charged and uncharged particles

A measure of the quantity of matter is


Two variables are inversely proportional if their __ has a constant value


The charge due to the electroms of a neutral atom

balances the change on the nucleus

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