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Studio Art: Art History

Claude Monet
French artist known for giving the impressionist period it's name and creating multiple paintings of the same subjects in different light.
Keith Haring
Street artist known for simple cartoon characters that were improvised and covered the walls of their Pop Shop gallery.
Pablo Picasso
Spanish artist known for changing style in different periods such as blue, rose, and cubist.
Andy Warhol
Pop artist famous for creating films, paintings, magazines, and parties in their "Factory" studio.
Street artist known for stencils and social commentary who had a New York street residency in October 2013.
Vincent Van Gogh
Artist know for thick use of paint in works like Starry, Starry Night who sold only one painting.
Henri Matisse
French artist known as leader of the fauvists who created cut-outs after losing the ability to paint.
Chuck Close
Photo-realist artist know for large scale portraits that incorporate the grid making them appear abstract close-up.
Ai Weiwei
Asian artist known for conceptual art referencing social and political issues in China such as communist destruction of history.
Jasper Johns
Pop artist known for paintings of symbols in different contexts such as flags, targets, and maps.
Andrew Wyeth
American artist known for creating Christina's World, a painting of a woman in a field staring out at a house in the distance.
Salvador Dalí
Spanish artist famous for painting surrealist imagery such as melting clocks, ants, and hidden metaphors.
Shepard Fairey
Street artist known as OBEY who incorporates Andre the Giant's image in art work.
Yayoi Kusama
Asian artist famous for using dots which derive from hallucinations.
Marilyn Minter
First artist to create and broadcast a tv commercial for an art exhibit.