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The four kinds of paragraphs are

descriptive, expository, narrative and persuasive.

A descriptive paragraph

describes something.

Spatial order

describes things in a direction our eyes would follow.

A descriptive paragraph uses

sensory details.

The support sentences in a descriptive paragraph are placed

in spatial order.

The four things that help to develop sensory details are

lively verbs and verbals, concrete nouns, colorful adjectives and adverbs and appropriate comparisons.

An expository paragraph

explains something or tells how to do something.

Three ways the topic sentence of an expository paragraph may be supported are

facts, examples, and steps.

Order that is from general to specific is called

order of importance.

Facts and examples should be placed in

order of importance.

Steps should be placed in

chronological order.

An expository paragraph always needs a topic sentence and a

clincher sentence.

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