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  1. what are the two main systems that sllow communication between parts and activities of the body
  2. there are other types of glands that produce molueces which act very close to their source. these chemical messengers are like hormones but are not called hormones because they do not what?
  3. which glands excrete both internally and externally
  4. what hormone is a sex hormone such as testosterone estrogen and aldosterone and cortisol?
  5. when hormones bind to receptors within cell and activate DNA BINDING, what does that do to the gene?
  1. a activates or represses them
  2. b nervous system and endocrine system.
  3. c travel throughout the body
  4. d exocrine glands
  5. e steroid hormones

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  1. the receptors
  2. steroid and non steroid
  3. synaptic cleft
  4. endocrine glands
  5. Up regulation or down regulation

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  1. what does the nervous system use as chemical messengers?neurotransmitters


  2. How do hormones initiate a response?within target cells!


  3. which glands only secrete internallyendocrine glands


  4. what hormone group is made of amino acids made from compounds peptides proteins glycoproteins and non steroid lipidsnon steroid hormones


  5. DNA binding leads to what?the target cells


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