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  1. Neurotransmitters are strictly restricted to what only?
  2. what hormone group is made of amino acids made from compounds peptides proteins glycoproteins and non steroid lipids
  3. the endocrine system uses chemical messengers called what?
  4. there are other types of glands that produce molueces which act very close to their source. these chemical messengers are like hormones but are not called hormones because they do not what?
  5. How do hormones initiate a response?
  1. a travel throughout the body
  2. b synaptic cleft
  3. c by interacting with receptors
  4. d non steroid hormones
  5. e hormones

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  1. exocrine glands
  2. True
  3. nervous system and endocrine system.
  4. the receptors
  5. Glands

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  1. What glands secret substances internally and travel to body through bloodstreamendocrine glands


  2. which glands only secrete internallyexocrine glands


  3. What is it called when the number of receptors made by the cell are increased or decreasedUp regulation or down regulation


  4. what does the nervous system use as chemical messengers?neurotransmitters


  5. which glands excrete both internally and externallyexocrine glands